Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

All in the name of research

Am I obsessed with chocolate?

Perhaps. Just a wee bit.

Recently I had the BEST banana split ever.

oh yeah.

What made it the best?
For starters, they sliced the bananas, and used real whip cream.
Oh, I got to choose my flavours.

And it's close,
...dangerously close to where I live, lol.

I decided I need to wander further afield,
purely in the name of research ,
to see how my local chocoholic palace stacked up.

A wee bit further... , in St. Jacob's
I happened upon this place

I decided there was much research to be conducted in this locale

and of course there were peanuts in every flavour imaginable,
with samples too!

I picked these to follow me home:

... if only because of the label on the back:

I am so glad that a package of peanuts may actually contain peanuts.

In the name of research, I picked up some fudge

I may have been conducting more research tonight
after Legoson was asleep.

Deep in the downtown of St. Jacob's there are many wonderful stores.

One of my favourites was

I love finding there stores and supporting them.
They sell beautiful home decor and gift items,
and gorgeous jewelry,
all at reasonable prices.

They are even more my favourite now...

oh yeah... it's DIVINE!!!

ok, it WAS divine.

The label inside was really interesting to read...

It really should come with a warning though:
Legoson and his father should NOT be left to their own devices with this bar.

Thank goodness there was a still some left for moi!

They really shouldn't have left me alone in that store.
...to my own devices.

purely research of course

... but that's another story...