Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mr Chickenhead... or what goes around comes around

Wednesday January 30, 2013

I came across a site again, just before my birthday.
It really got me thinking and my creative juices flowing.

Let me take you back to Wednesday morning.
And a chicken soup man.

If you recall, I like to celebrate birthday month, and then my birthday week.
I'm still trying to get the rest of the world on board with the extended celebration.
At least my son is somewhat on board with this.

My darling son gave me a wee surprise the night before.
A Lego mini-fig. collectible mystery package.
Yup. What I've always wanted. Where have you been all my life oh chicken man?

It's no mystery that my son loves Lego. 'Love' might be a mild understatement.
I suppose he wanted to share this love with me.
And he knows I like birds.
He even used his own money - and let ME open the mystery package.

(For those in the dark, the mini figs are in a sealed package, and you really don't know what you've got until you open it. Well, not completely, since you can kind of feel the contents... 
the secret is to feel for the accessory... not that I would spend hours doing this.
OK, I confess, I do have the Tennis players and the Bride figs :)

That night, the page came up again.... The Birthday Project.

I first saw this after my last birthday and thought I really would love to do that next time.

Well, January 30, 2013.... I did.

After perusing the web the night before for ideas,  I decided:
BRAK (Birthday Random Act of Kindness) 
 1. I would only do RAK's that were free, or cost next to nothing.
2. I would not do this in just one day, but rather spread it over a week.
 3. I wanted it to be something different than what I normally would do.
.. oh the ideas I came up with :)

 I have RAK'd before.. I actually do this regularly.  
I did a RAK earlier in January. 
I had extra tickets to the Science Centre and handed them to a family in line. 
They had two small children and were so grateful. 

So what did my Mr. Chicken-wanna-be have to do with this?
Well, he was the first on the agenda. I thought I should start with those closest to me.
I handed him to James at breakfast and told him he could have Mr Chickenhead.
You should have seen the look on his face.

I dropped my husband off for an appointment, and spent time in a Chapters.
Tucking quotes and notes and smiley faces in books and even magazines.

later, I spent some time online, sending  compliments and encouragements to friends.

We had dinner at my parents and my mom gave me some flowers.

My sister-in-law couldn't make it , so I sent some sunshine home for her and her mom.
I have plans for the rest.

Now of course the day wouldn't be complete without a cake.
Of course chocolate.
My family knows me too well.

mmmm... chocolaty butter cream.
Chocolate bliss.

I'd say he is the icing on the cake.

And yes there were prezzies.
I'll share more on that another time as one of my gifts is just too funny.
Yes, Mill Hill might have made an appearance...

The day didn't quite go as planned, and some of my ideas are still to be carried out. 
The rain put a damper on some of my plans, but that's OK.
Everything happens for a reason... so I just went with the flow.
I also want to take more time on other bRAK's , rather than do them in a rush.

Darn, I don't have that 7 foot tall flamingo with the top hat anymore. It got plunked on my friend's  front porch on her birthday one year... but that's another story.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am Liebstered... and how to spend a day productively

Tuesday January 29, 2013

Pam   at Crossroads of My Mind has nominated me for a Liebster award, and I am very flattered - thank you ! Sorry it took so long to post this Pam, but here goes...

For those new to my blog, this will let you know a bit more about the crazy gal behind the scenes here. Mind you,   why anyone would put up with me is beyond me ;)
Might be because of the cutie at the end of this post...

Here are the rules: 

1. You must post 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 new blogs & link them in your post
5. Please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster award so I can learn more about YOU!

11 Things about ME:

I live in the city I was born in - Mississauga. Have also lived in Austria, where my parents are from. Ich spraeche auch Deutsch. Aussi je parle  francaise....un petit. I have wondered if I might be adopted though, as I really dislike coffee, wine, beer, sausages & sauerkraut.

I play the piano, and love to play for services at nursing homes with the Salvation Army.
I am a Salvationist and uniformed soldier with the Salvation Army.

I am a uniformed Scouts Canada Cub leader - soon to be moving up to Scouts with my son :)
Did I mention I really don't like wearing uniforms? Well, actually it's the stockings.... Good thing I don't have to wear that itty bitty Brownie skirt anymore... not that I would fit into it.. and never mind that I have no idea what happened to it.

I love birds. I have a pet parrot.. or wait I think he/she has me. He/she talks and sings too! Kiwi might have a personality dilemma about being another animal... but we'll cover that another time.

I love liver - especially the way my mom makes it. No , I'm serious.

I have a very diverse interest in music - from hard rock to classical... yes even some heavy metal & country.. just not at the same time...mind you... has that been done? :)

I love to try new things... especially crafts. My favourite art medium is pencil.... and thread.

I love to play tennis - and especially love to ace guys. Actually I take great pleasure in seeing their faces when that happens... not that I relish it or anything.... hehehe

I do not like to follow the rules when it comes to being creative. Crafts. We're talking crafts.

I collect bears... and books,  and cross stitch...and angels.... and..dust.....
and chocolate  (but not for long.). ....One particular bear is my alter ego. He's the one who gets into all the mischief. Not me.

I do not own a straight jacket. I have not been approached by men in white lab coats either. Yet.

My answers to Pam's questions:

      Why did you decide to blog about your stitching?
        I find writing has been quite therapeutic... and someone once mentioned that they would love to read my blog if I wrote one.  I figure one reader is great! I procrastinated starting one for several years. I have a slight addiction to procrastination I think and may incline to be indecisive. Sometimes. Maybe.

      How do you find time to stitch?
             Two words. Night Owl.

     What cross-stitch designer do you like to collect?
               Sweetheart Tree...Mill Hill...Just Nan..Victoria Sampler...Erica Michaels...
...Valerie Pfeiffer.... I like what I like and I like too much. Sometimes I duplicate my likes. Occasionally triplicate.
I call it creative amnesia.

      Have you ever been to a stitch-in?
            Yes, a few weekends... far too far apart though. It's just so wonderful just to stay in your PJ's all day and stitch! I think the last time they took off on me and didn't tell me... must have had something to do with bringing me along to a fancy hotel in Ottawa... go figure.

      What’s the most you’ve spent on a pattern? 
        That's classified information. My husband might read this. I think I better haul out the bribes of silence for my cohorts in crime. 

      What’s your favorite stitching tool or gadget?
         Lee Valley Tools sells this wonderful "Pro Seam Ripper" ... perfect for frogging.... oh wait, I told my husband , I don't make mistakes... so not that I really use the tool....hehehe

      How do you organize your stash?
      Books are on shelves... Kits, floss, fabric-  in big bins... in a closet. Leaflets in banker boxes... in a cabinet...
ummm.. you got a spare room?  

     How do you give back? (e.g. teach young people to stitch, donate used patterns, etc.)
         I give back in my music. I love to play for the elderly at nursing home services I do for the Salvation Army. They bless me in more ways than you can imagine. I love to teach / pass on any knowledge I have about stitching whenever the opportunity presents itself. I think I have a calling to teach.
I also love to do RAK's. (Random Acts Kindness) - even if it's just smiling and complimenting the cashier.

    What do you do while stitching (TV, movies, radio, audio books, travel)?
          Mostly just think. Some have suggested that might be dangerous late at night and may lead to shenanigans....ehem, I used to stitch while watching TV, but now prefer stitching at a table ,just quiet, or some music. Lately, I think about what I'm going to blog about next.... or solve world problems.

       Have you ever had a cross-stitch disaster (lost patterns, chewed, stained, or burned stitching)?
          Disaster and stitching - does not compute... I'd call it creative alternatives. Not that this would have ever happened to moi.

      Have you made new friends (local or online) through your love for stitching?
           Oh yes!  - locally I have quite a few I see regularly....mind you recently they seem to be taking off on avoidance weekend jousts to Ottawa.... I even met one at the book store... online I know Canadian stitchers from coast to coast and have met at the occasional stitch gatherings over the years that we planned.

      11 Questions for my nominees:

1. What hobbies do you have?  Do you have an enabler - or do you need one?
2. Where would your dream vacation be and who would you take? Please take me if it involves the Swiss and Lindt.
3. Do you collect anything? If it's good chocolate, you can store it at my place. I'll make space.
4. What is your most cherished childhood memory? Did it involve free chocolate?
5. A favourite song, a song that is 'you', or favourite type of music? What do you think of the Oompa Loompa Song?
6.  If you could have any job you wanted, what would you want to be?
7. What is something you would love to learn how to do?
8. Do you volunteer? Or how do you give back? Do you share your chocolate?
9. If you cold meet one historical figure - who would it be?
10. What Super powers do you wish you could have? (and don't say turning water into chocolate, I'm working on that)
11. If you had one wish that could come true - what would it be? Besides giving the world chocolate.

My 11 nominations:
1. Carola :

2. Karen, Renee, and   Sandy :

3. A 'certain' woman aka Krissie :

4. Jim:

5. Sherrie:

6. Barbara :

7. Shannon:

8. Quinn:

9. Jan :

10. Bonnie:

11. Sue :

Check out their blogs!


I have gotten such a kick out of travelling around the globe to all the blogs from the blog party.
 I'm looking forward to getting to know you all,
and and not only because I want to find out where your chocolate stash is.

Oh - in case you missed it - there's tons of wonderful blogs to look into here:

You know one could spend an ENTIRE day and even stay up until 5am, looking at all the blogs listed there.. 
....oh about 400 or so...
 not that I would have done something like that today... or last night

And my my my my... 
Look who's getting all cleaned up for tomorrow too!

Kiwi wanted to look extra spiffy for mummy's day tomorrow by taking 5 baths

in the water dish.

I have been making special plans for my day tomorrow

...but that's another story...

Re-treating secrets

Monday January 28, 2013

Some of you may have guessed from a prior post, I went away for the weekend.
No kids, men, or winged creatures allowed.

So where did I go you ask.
My church womens retreat at Jackson's Point.
That's north, up on Lake Simcoe.
No, not quite igloo country.

ohhhh....and what does a group of only women do at a retreat?
I am sure you are picturing a group of 60 women, praying all day, 
knitting socks for the homeless, sharing soup recipes, 
singing songs, feeding stray cats and dogs , making bazaar crafts...

Um, yeah...  until I showed up.

Let me take you back... waaaay back to the beginning...

First there are the bags.
One must be prepared. It did take place up on Lake Simcoe...
Extra prepared if one happens to be a Scout leader.

And, no, those bags were NOT filled with chocolate.

Might I add that this is light packing... 
compared to some that brought bins and suitcases
fit for week long excursions in the Amazon jungle...

We were NOT anywhere near the Amazon.

But it certainly was beautiful :)

I arrived early in the day, and so had time to myself.
That was one comfy bed that was needing someone to nap on it.
Someone had to do it... tough I know.

There was a theme for the weekend...
Heart to Heart Connections

There were some lovely decorations

Candles to set the tone...

...a lovely fireplace

Needless to say I had no need to go outside...
not even a wagon ride in the freezing cold night
pulled by a diesel tractor could lure me out.
Sadly I missed the part where it got stuck.
Drat, missed those fumes too.

There were even late night snacks and goodies

oh yeah....they must have known I would be there...

no need to pull out the stuff I brought.

Did I mention that I brought a sandwich 
since Friday night dinner was not included.

So what happens when one is in a rush ,
and at the very last minute realizes that one has to bring something to eat

Yup - you guessed it. 
One might forget to remove the paper wrapper from the cheese.

So I have been hounded by throngs of people wondering
WHAT did I pack.

I did decide to take some cross stitch kits... mostly Mill Hill.

Yeah, I guessed that would be enough for 2 days.
In between speakers, and planned activities...
Let's just say I was a tad ambitious ... and dellusional, lol
Did I finish any? 

Well, there were a few activities over the weekend, besides the wagon ride.
No, sadly naps were not scheduled.

There was a wonderful speaker, discussion groups and yes songs were sung.
(It is the Salvation Army after all, lol)

We all made bracelets for our prayer partner.
The one I made is on the left.
I received the one on the right.

Each evening, some of the ladies offered to paint nails.
There were some pretty cool designs.

I really wish these were my nails. I have none to speak of.

Did I mention they even had door prizes?

Whoo hoo - I won !
So did everyone, lol.

Now Saturday night, things got a bit.... interesting.
We were divided into teams and played a fun game
which involved different challenges, 

Did I mention that some of us wild women get a little 

This is my game face - don't mess with me!

Well, I have been sworn to secrecy as to what exactly else happened.
I won't go into any more details, 
but there was one incident of charades that involved Michael Jackson 
and a 72 year old woman doing the moon walk and grabbing her crotch.

If you happened to be there and see women rolling on the floor, howling in laughter, 
you might just know why.

I did have some free time, not spent napping.
Some of this free time may have extended into the morning hours.

(Hence the Monday spent in a sleep deprived daze)

Some of the ladies decided to knit.
I did some Zen tangling.

Oh - what's that?
It's meditative repetitive pattern drawing.
I dare not call it doodling, in case they hunt me down 
and throw cotton balls at me.

 I maaayyyy just have completed 2 Mill Hill kits...

This strawberry is all beads, no cross stitching.
I added some of the extra beads to the stem on that one.

There was a heart theme in the decorations... so I thought I would stitch this one as well...

So there you have it.... some of the secrets of a retreat revealed.

Oh, I'm sure there are plenty of unanswered questions 
like when did I go to bed 
and what the heck do we do at 3am...
but some things are left best a mystery.

Tonight was a guild night and I experienced a little S.E.X.
... but that's another story...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

the Kind cycle

Saturday January 26, 2013

I read a really interesting article in Chatelaine's January issue.  It referred to a kindness revolution at kindcycle .

If you join, the Lise Watier Foundation instantly donates $100 to the Canadian Women’s Foundation in your name. The money will be used to provide job workshops, shelter and leadership training to women who need a leg up.... And it’s for a serious cause: to stop violence against women, end poverty and empower girls in every province across Canada.

So spread the word and join in!

I recently did a RAK... but I'll tell you more about that in another story :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

first things first

Friday January 25, 2013

So what do YOU do when you've got to pack for a weekend getaway?

Well of course you have to clean and tidy up the house... make sure the fridge is stocked up... do all the laundry....  the abandoned helpless beings might otherwise not survive...

Then by 4am, you finally have time to pack. Of course the important necessities come to mind first. much is enough for a weekend?

Thought I'd play the field....shhhh... don't tell Lindt.

And of course next is 
what to take for my spare time between speakers and planned activities. 

Oh the dilemma of what to take.... 
 something to read... oh maybe a few dozen novels, magazines, 
sketch pad and pencils
oh - how about some Zentangling
my camera 
deck of cards
 I could take some needle felting too
and how about my watercolours
Hey - those beading kits have been calling my name
and I could take my DS games in case I get bored
maybe they have a piano there - I should bring some music books!
you know maybe some fabric and start that quilt I've always wanted to do
I could finish the scarf  I started 3 years ago
there's the Scouting books to get some ideas
I think they have WiFi , so maybe I could bring a laptop
I should check if they have a tennis court!

....and of course gotta take some cross stitch!
Now this is where I get into serious trouble. 
And I become completely unrealistic.
And spend the next 6 hours deciding which kits to take...

hmmm.. only one bag allowed?
No mega sized trunk???
Does one really need to see out the back window of a car?
Heck, who needs extra clothes.

This is why I LOVE to borrow my dad's VW camper van.
It has tons of room. 
I lived in it for a week once at a cub camp...
It was jam packed with all sorts of hobbies that I never had time to do
...but that's another story.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

OUT and about

Thursday January 24, 2013

It's a cold one out tonight.

Some of you know I am a Scouts Canada Cub Leader. I was roped in , I mean I started my illustrious , exciting Scouting leader career when James was a Beaver, and I offered to help out with the crafts. They suggested, why not become a leader. It's only an hour a week! Oh they are so sneaky.... being a leader is  just so much more fun than when I was a Rover....

Today, we had planned to do an evening hike... know - keep the OUT in Scouting.. no matter the weather.  I was psyching myself up for this event, ...  snow boots- check, warmy socks- check, um, let's make that 2 pairs of thermal socks...long johns- check......battery heated mittens (well , wishing I did)...

I thought, well at least it's not pouring rain... this time....and we did give the cubs CLEAR instructions as to what to wear. Hopefully that bright one won't show up in running shoes...this time...

That's when I got a call. My fellow leader extraordinaire:

"They're dropping like flies. I'm receiving emails from most of them that they won't make it or are sick. I've got a cold too. I think we'll have to cancel the meeting tonight."

I tried to contain my ... disappointment, and replied "Oh really? That's too bad." My mind was wandering off to the tune of  Celebrate good times, come on...lala lala laaa....ehem...

I was a wimp. I admit it. Oh yeah, can't wait for camping in tents, in the winter , when James moves up to Scouts....I'll be getting the -300C sleeping bag for that.

Ok, for those of you not familiar with Canadian weather here in Ontario... around Toronto... no the igloos are a BIT further up north... it was -16C... plus the wind chill took that down to the -20's. Brrrr. It's enough to make your hair stand on end like icicles...

Seems the older I get the less I like the cold weather. Well, if I do go out and do something fun with my son, I don't regret it. But I'd rather hide under the covers in my polar fleece. Which begs the question, Can baggy polar Fleece be sexy?

So now I'll have to figure out what to do with the bag of chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate that were to be served at the end of the hike....hmmmm... I'm sure I'll think of something... or some one I know might help me out there.

Well, thought I'd share my new 'do'....

...not bad for a self portrait eh?

No stitching to report today.. quelle shock!
I'm getting ready for a ladies weekend. Trying to pack light you know.
Those that have traveled with me are rolling on the floor howling with laughter.... 
(I really hope you pee yourself  laughing - you deserve it.... you know who you are....humph!)

But I'm a SCOUT - we have to be PREPARED!

I'm sure I'll finally get the hang of packing light...some day .
I've come a long way since that weekend camping trip where I brought 12 rolls of toilet paper... 
for four people.
....but that's another story...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

short cuts

Wednesday January 23, 2013

I chickened out today. Again.

It's all Farrah Fawcett's fault. Yup. I mean didn't you want long luscious locks like that - the hair flip thingy we all tried to copy in Charlie's Angels days...

Sadly, I have straight, thick hair.... oh, and auburn, not blond... did I mention straight? I mean like a ruler... no wave even... not even a curl, ripple or wavelet... oh to have tsunami tresses.... Personally I liked Jaclyn Smith much better.

I went through the phase of curling my hair - the flip thing - with the wee help of gel or hairspray...ok lots of help... a 20 minute walk to school erased any trace of that. That followed by years of perms to get those layers of curls. The secret was just getting past that first perm ....let's just leave that in the past.

So there I was today. On a mission. At my hairdressers. I've been seeing Lily for over 22 years. She's good. I've followed her every time she moved. She knows my hair. I'm sure that Jie the hair God in Toronto who charges $400 couldn't do it better. Not that I can afford to be Jie-afied.

I only cheated on her twice. Once it was at the all-you-can-cut parlour in dire desperation, as she was fully booked for the week. I had already prior to that learned my lesson of not to cut my own bangs. Good thing my hair grows really fast. And Lily is very forgiving.

So what did I opt for? No I didn't go blond.. nor get extensions...and not the Wilma Flintstone mile high beehive... no. I have a roof on my car. Oh did you know that Jean vander Pyl who did Wilma's voice was a redhead? Things you had to know... Anyway, I went short again. I love my short hair - it's so easy to care for. I've had it short since last spring. Oh to leave the house and only have to run your hands through your hair to comb it. So my hairdresser commented that it was an Anne Hathaway cut. Yeah, but I had it first last year... so that makes ME the trend setter. Wonder if she needs a double?

Now I'm left to ponder... why the heck do I still have all those hair clips, elastics and barrettes??? 

Should I leave them in my will or bury them in the backyard to be found as relics eons from now. Decisions, decisions.  Hey! Maybe they could use a door prize at that retreat I'll be attending ;)  ... "Oh, Look Thelma! Used hair accessories!!"

I didn't take a short cut home after getting my new 'do'. I had this feeling in my gut ... it was a beady sort of feeling that only new Mill Hills can satiate. I think I have  Mill Hill 6th sense -  Gitta's  came through with flying colours.

Speaking of Mill Hill... another finish. This is a special one. My husband's background is Irish.. but it's for his father who has had a stroke.

Yes I have red hair and yes I have an Irish last name.. but no, I am not Irish.. but that's another story.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Déjà vu

Went and saw a wonderful production today - Mummenschanz.

It was a birthday present for James from his grandparents... and I got to tag along. Now does this name ring a bell? Perhaps you grew up with the Muppet Show...  I may have, but won't admit to dating myself that way... ok, I LOVE puppets :)

Here's a link to a Youtube video of the Muppets where Mummenschanz was the guest.

Muppet Show S1 E24 P3 - Mummenschanz  
(starting at 3:20)

Now does it ring a bell? Yup - when I was in the theatre today, some of the acts seemed so familiar. It was a moment of  Déjà vu.... so when I googled it after I got home, I realized I had seen this group before. Some of the acts were the same, some were new. All of it was a magical experience and James loved the show. I think he really liked the blob.

There was humour aplenty throughout, and they even interacted several time with the audience.

I hope this didn't give my son any ideas about toilet paper

(Photos courtesy of )

Funny how deeply ingrained some of the TV shows are that we saw when we were kids ...   a fear of round mirrors because of never being seen by that stupid Romper Room mirror? Or how about just once being able to crawl into that Friendly Giant's chair? Here's the story, of a man named Brady....and who didn't dream of living in wild west with that Little Joe....oh my.... where are my cowboy boots...and not that MY thumb ever twitches and I want to say ayyyyyyy when I see a black leather jacket....jeez maybe next time at the hairdresser I should really go for that long blond Charlie hair style. I might need some extensions though.... still can't get my nose to twitch even after all that therapy....and where's my shoe phone gone now?.. maybe I'm still on a Fantasy Island 3 hour tour..... Do you ever have the urge to yell De plane de plane when driving by an airport?.. no, me neither...

What an imaginative show it was tonight.... and they've been putting on shows for 40 years! My favourite scene was the Plasticine faces - the one in the link above. Wouldn't that be neat to be able to change our appearances like that...

 Déjà vu... when it comes to crafting?  Oh, not that someone would admit to time warping through the craft show aisles, and in a frenzy of crowded booths of delicious beads, fabric, stitchery kits and leaflets find the one that someone cannot live without... oh but what a cute bear!....only to find out much later...oh, perhaps even a year later, that someone bought it for the 3rd time....uh... not that I would ever do such a thing, especially not with a cute bear kit...

If by chance you were thinking of giving me this kit for my birthday... I do like bears... but... I think I got this one covered... 

Hey! Maybe there's an idea for anther giveaway....not that I have any weaknesses when it comes to bears or anything like that.... no, and not with any mini birdhouse needlebox kit...and certainly never with a Mill Hill kit.... sigh....  beads....drooool..... Gitta, are they in yet?

Speaking of Mill Hills....  I need to go now and  finish a special one.

Chocolate Déjà vu...   now that's another story....

Monday, January 21, 2013


Monday January 21, 2013

OK, we all have them. Come on now... fess up...

fantasies... dreams....daydreams...hopes... delusions.... ehem... call them what you will.

Young mom's have them.... you know the ones....being able to take a long shower...... or just plain go to the bathroom without a "mommmmmy" call at the door ....someone else changing that diaper for you....or perchance to sleep and not have to wake up every 2 hours to feed that new born bundle of.... oh how I miss those days...

So picture this... a gorgeous mansion by the sea... backing right onto a beach (private of course)... oh let's just go ahead and make it my own personal island, what the heck... complete with butler , personal chef, housekeeper, Fabio the gardener.. chocolate at my beckon call ....oh and don't forget the huge walk-in shower with jets in all directions... uh.. never mind....

Of course the separate craft room where you store all your craft supplies... neatly displayed on shelves and drawers... big work tables, large windows with comfy seats....every single pattern, floss, kit, fabric ever invented at your fingertips....uh, yeah, that's one mighty big craft room...

Have you ever wondered about having a super power? The thought tumbled in my mind as we drove home tonight after watching a movie - "Rise of the Guardians". When I first heard the title, it sounded like medieval fantasy thriller. It's actually a cute, funny movie - staring the original super heroes - Jack Frost, North, Tooth, Bunnymund, Sandman... the cute little elves kind of stole the show... 

Here's one of my favourite stuffies from a time when I still believed... 

That's one well loved bunny.

Back to the movie - of course there's the evil villain - Pitch the Boogeyman. 

I distinctly recall a time where I still believed in these characters. In particular the boogeyman.... once when a dear older sibling (of course while parental units were out for the evening), locked me out of the bedroom, into a dark hallway and in a sinister voice called through the door, those famous words all older siblings know ......."The Boogeyman's gonna get you".... funny how you look up to older siblings... I still wonder why I just didn't turn the hallway light on....

But I digress.... what would it be.... to fly... be invisible... super be able to transport... see through walls... oh... how about being able to freeze time?

Oh can you imagine? ....all the stitching and crafting time in the world .... speaking of stitching.... can you believe I did NOT finish my project I started last night. I had visions... ok fantasies of having another one done to post here tonight... but alas... lack of sleep catches up to you sooner or later.

Now there's a thought.... to not ever have to sleep! All that stitching time... might even make a dent in my stash... and then I'd have to visit Gitta's! whoo hooo....   

Well, without further ado, I give you my own very special vintage super hero....

Super Banana!

What? You've never heard of him???

A relic from my university days....
 ... but that's another story.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sunday January 20, 2013

Caution is advised. The following post is for mature tastes only. There may be a shocking sweet sensation.  

I love Lindt.  (**gasp**... I know I's true...)

They so inspire me. 
(See one of my previous posts that inspired my blog name ;)

Their quotes are just ummm.... well... uhhh... intriguing... yeah that's it!

Let's just look at their latest conundrum:
"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces."

Really? Now who in their right mind would even consider eating a chocolate bar that can only be broken into 4 pieces? And why would you punish yourself so? Heck I just use my teeth - Save the whales? No - save the hands for the stitching! Multi tasking simplified.

Now wait a sec... there is that 50 pound bar at the Hershey store in Niagara Falls that one possibly could break into 4 pieces...

oh wait a sec... 5lbs
ok, so it was over 1.5 years ago that I set my eyes upon this... 
you know how memories grow over time. 
It's like the 15 feet of snow we had to trudge 100 miles to school in...

Oh, and by the way, strength is in that bear's hands.

 The point is - the real strength lies in not feeling guilty.

Besides. I am a mom. I have survived the test of dirty diapers. Now that's strength. 

Purdy's, not to be outdone, came up with their own have to know witocism today...

Fact #1: An average American or Canadian will consume about 12 pounds of chocolate per year. 

Fact #2: The Swiss are the world’s largest consumers of chocolate, eating about 22 pounds of chocolate per person per year.

I would like to know who the heck keeps track of how much chocolate they eat. Why? What's the point? Where's the proof... ok don't go there... there is no leftover chocolate remember? 
I say just enjoy the stuff - no need to fill a quota.. or is there? Being one to not measure, nor keep historical idiotic records - I have no idea if I need to catch up statistically... Maybe it's better to be safe than sorry.... where did that bunny go....

The other interesting ponderable I saw was from Hoffman Distributing:

"Is it possible to "Sew Every Day?"

Now there's a thought. At that rate, I might use up my stash in..... 50 years? lol ...Better do some strength training of that needle holding muscle. Sadly it's a vicious cycle...Impossible strength required to resist new stash...Gitta's way to close and New Mill Hill's arriving soon.....sigh..

I would love to stitch every day. Life somehow gets in the way. But, I'm off to a good start this week.. yup, another finish.

why yes - another Mill Hill.
Rootbeer Dragonfly
Did I mention I like Mill Hills?
Did I mention I'm a fast stitcher?- stitched this last night.
I know someone who'll be drooling over this one...hehehe.

Thinking of birthdays.. well, at least I was (It is my birthday month ya know!).... I think I need to revisit that Hershey store to make sure they haven't come out with a bigger bar...I would sacrifice myself to do this research for you. I'll have to gather some strength to resist actually buying it. I'll leave that up to anyone who might like to give me a birthday present. HINT HINT

         ...resistance is futile.... but that's another story...