Saturday, January 12, 2013

workin' up a sweat...

Friday January 11, 2013

Temperatures will be skyrocketing this weekend to 12C.... 14C...

With such balmy weather it's only appropriate to break out the Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate!

This was absolutely yummy! It was more like eating ice cream...mmmmm.

Speaking of  warmer things... my first sort of finish for the year!

Mill Hill kit of a spring birdie :)

I say sort of finished, since it's not been cut out, no backing and the fuzzy stuff hasn't been sewn on. 
But it is all stitched!
 I was wondering just how long one of these kits take me... I've never really timed myself, and not that I did an exact timing, but it was all stitched in under 3 hours.. with interruptions. So, I guess it goes in my "to be assembled box" now.

We've also been trying to figure out something fun to do for James' birthday. Lots of ideas, but no final plans.
I guess I better get back to work on his present.

Speaking of birthdays, James was counting the money in his wallet today and then declared that he had enough money to go buy me a cross stitch kit! Now how sweet is that :) I guess I trained him well. Mind you he also asked me last week if there was a Lego kit I might like for my brithday , lol. Now training in the Lego cleaning up department is still a work in progress ... but that's another story...


Bea said...

There is something wrong with this picture - you have temps in the teens, we're in the minus! Your son obviously knows how to get on his mother's good side - a very nice offer all the same. I think your "sorta" finish is cute.

wilma boer said...

That birdie is cute! And I agree, Bea...definitely not right that they should be warmer than us!

mybearsnme said...

that ois too funny - I read 'temps in the teens' and my first thought was my son and he was acting like a teen today.