Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Go Bigger

Wednesday January 9, 2013

It's a big world I tell ya....

Big things still seem to be filling my week.

So have any of you seen the GIANT cross stitch installation by Laura Carwardine??? 

Holy Guacamole! (and I can't believe I spelled that word correctly, lol)

You can see more about it including a time-lapse video about making it :

Just how big? ....21 separate 4'x8' panels... 17,000 stitches... 485 hours!!

Now my son was at Gitta's , and asked if there was a kit he could give me that would take me more than a few days to complete.... the kind sales lady there told him "I don't think that exists". Gosh I love Gitta's. Their staff is just the best! :) 

Well, I think this project might qualify. I think  Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling in cross-stitch might also. I've been ooogling the Chatelaine Mandala series and thinking I must do a really big project this year.   ohhh , The polar beauty,,Autumn Knot garden,,,butterflies,,,oh drool Alpine seasons...oh my - hummingbirds...oh and a Vienna Mandala... oh dear..this is all Kathy's fault and her darn Desert one! .. now if they come out with a Chocolate Mandala, I'm done for....

Ok, so back to that giant installation - be still my beating heart - it's located in TORONTO - Patria Restaurant , a Spanish tapas restaurant  - whoo hooo! I know where I want to go on my birthday. Wonder just how many visitors they get saying  "Oh, can I just look at your wall?". Wonder if there's a waiting list for the tables closest to the wall.

So other BIG things I've come across this week... of all places in my son's OWL magazine 
 - a Colossal Ice cream Cone - 13 feet tall!

So just how many people did that feed? Apparently the sprinkles didn't stick. can you imagine if that had been chocolate ice cream... there might have been massive mob hysteria.

There's also the giant snow patterns Simon Beck makes in snow with his snowshoes - they are so pretty! You can find him on Facebook under Simon Beck's Snow Art...he takes crop circles to a whole new level. All in just about 10 hours.

That is just so pretty! I just love snowflakes and geometric patterns.

Oh there's so much more... like the enormous train layout in Hamburg .... 
Even if you're not a model enthusiast, you will love this :   
Amazing video - would love to take James to see this!

hmmm... I think I need to scale things down and stitch something for myself. I seem to have lots of energy now. You see I had a nap today... errr.. a rather BIG nap ... but that's another story.


Bea said...

Love the miniature world video. Victoria has a miniature world and it was one of my favourite places to visit. The mandalas are gorgeous - I want to do at least one of them as well. But which one??

mybearsnme said...

There was a miniature world not too far from us either - Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village in Whitby - we LOVED it - but it closed in 2006, and the wee buildings were sold, but no idea what happened to them, as they were then resold. Would love to visit the one in Victoria some day... road trip!! ah, which mandala.... I'm really drooling over the Alpine one... no hummingbirds.. no Vienna..

Bonnie Brown said...

That Wall looks amazing!