Friday, September 27, 2013

It's different... but DONE!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

  ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   ..   

Yipeee! Another finish. One that I had put away for a while.... why?...

well, it might have something to do with the size...

The Heart's Content "Virtue" Needleroll.. 

Now to put some perspective on that...

28 ct natural linen, stitched one over one...
oh yeah... it's tiny stitching all right!

I think I may turn it into a name tag, 
but not sure how to do that with the pretty border... 
so it may turn into something else.
In fact inspiration has struck while I type this....hehehe
Guess you'll have to wait and see :)

Of course I made a few changes... silly question

added beads,
 my name instead of the word 'Virtue' ,
 two button flowers at top  .. 

and beads around the border too 

Somehow Kreinik seemed too sparkly for this one

I know
Kreinik...too sparkly?

well the next UFO/WIP might be more sparkly...

So this is what I needed those beads and threads for,
that I mentioned in the blog yesterday :)

I have no idea why I picked this one to stitch.
The design is not really one I usually gravitate too.
Not really my style...
perhaps a need to do something different.

Not that I ever do anything differently....

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unexpected happiness

whoo hoo ---> 331<---- page views to my September 22 'ABC' blog  -- wowzy!

Little things, especially those that you weren't expecting, can make you so happy...

Here's a few from today...

Unexpected treat

and then there was this...

The world's best stitching store had it in stock.

Perfect .
 Oh, you know for those times when you go from one project 
where you stitch with 
TWO threads...
to a project where you are supposed to 
only use ONE thread.

This may only be realized when one suddenly run out of a colour.
One of the last colours needed, by the way.
Which also has delayed my happy dance.

and then there were these...

Unexpected perfect amount
in the perfect colour
(and I already had them - unexpected bonus)
so tomorrow I just mayyyy
be doing a happyyyyy dance....

oh yeah.... of course there was this...

Completely unexpected find,
especially when you were only looking for floss ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Imaginative bubble wrap ala Who

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dr. Who has invaded our house. 
My son has been introduced to said TV series via videos 
that managed their way home from the library.

And what does an 11 year old with a wonderfully, fantasticasmical, vivid,  imagination 
get from watching a certain episode?

Let me give you some clues...

Oh the joys of bubble wrap.

That's a Wirrn by the way..
A bug creature that some of the characters turn into.

Oh yeah. 


At 3am 

and ONE tired parent. 

Other parent had no clue as he remained sound asleep. 
Well, that was until said son insisted he needed to crawl into our bed. 
And kept bumping him during the rest of the night.

Perhaps our bedroom is a safe, Wirrn free zone. 
That never occurred to me.
I mean, why should it.
The bubble wrap is always safely locked up in the basement.

Seems said son was awoken by a noise and said he thought he heard a Wirrn. 

I suppose pounding rain might be mistaken for a Wirrn... 
but that never occurred to me. 

I guess my imagination needs some work.

So what has said young son declared he would like to be for Halloween?

A Dalek.

Yup, my imagination needs to go into overdrive now.

To think of ways to redirect that request.

Chocolate will be needed.

Mass amounts I'm sure.
To keep the Wirrn away ya know...

But that's another story

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ABC of getting it done

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I has a happy dance :)... and it's another WIP too! whoo hoo!

Lizzie Kate's   "ABC's of Aging Artfully ". I hadn't touched it in a long time... since I wanted to make changes - add buttons, beads, charms and of course some sparkly Kreinik thread! This took quite a while, as I wanted just the right items :)   and inspiration finally took hold of me.. and I finished it!

So here it is!

and some close-ups of the details...

charm butterfly
beaded flower
button rose
Beads on the gold square too, that match the thread

I couldn't find a chocolate charm.. 
so I guess a whole chocolate cake will do!
oh yeah

 square beads for jello - secured with Kreinik
The spoon is made of stitched/woven Kreinik
I think it turned out pretty good

more charms and buttons

accent on letter is Kreinik
with a small heart button
and more beads at end

Tried to make the books look more 3-D, 
so I used a padded stitch
- cross stitch and then long stitches on top

I changed the house design a bit, 
adding a window and bead on door
with different stitches for roof and fence
 and beads on the tree

Love the bird button :)

more charms and beads

Two sizes of beads on the flowers
and of course Kreinik for the bee wings!

So another WIP done.
whoo hoo!

I think I'll work on the rest of my WIPs
and maybe get them all done by the end of this year.

But which one's next?
I might have a few to pick from....

unless some Mill Hill's get in the way...

That's another story...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I has a happy... or two... but ...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Completed level 325
Candy Crush

Also finished another WIP...

Here is part of it...

3 hours of fiddly fuddly creating

But do tell,
do you think it looks like a spoon?

Considering what I used to make it,
not bad....
it's completely made out of Kreinik thread 

So if said creation does look like a spoon,
I have a very happy dance.

Should I re-do it?
Or try to find a real miniature spoon?

Maybe I should ask the Kreinik people.
They seemed impressed with my bee wings :)

Or maybe they have spoon thread?

Maybe I should ponder it some more...
That calls for new tools...

Proof my hubby really does love me

Well, except when it's the Kreinik threads
that distract me.
I've thought of multitasking with them...

well.. that's possibly another story.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Checking off To Do Lists

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sometimes my stitching has a mind of its' own. 

Take for example a certain stitch-along... 

oh let's just say that maybe it's the Lizzie Kate 'To Do List'... 
and let's just suppose that 4 stitchers started out on said journey... 
all at the same time, same day....
and perhaps,  the deadline was for it to be completed by Christmas....
and supposing by chance my stitching as of yesterday was thus...


I just couldn't help myself - loved the pattern.
and I love adding the finishing touches.
I made a few changes.. added charms, buttons and beads, accent stitches...

I'm not one to always follow rules
like finishing when I'm told to..haha

32ct Waterlily (pale green ) linen stitched over 2

I added Kreinik to the bees wings, to make them more 3-D

beads for the flowers

a few charms.. the cross and a heart
... love the bird button.
It was a present from my son.

more beads

and a tiny butterfly

So there it is... all done .

Oh but wait!
There's more!

Another happy dance just tonight
(even after some frogging got in the way)

Letter H by M Designs
32 count over 2
with silk floss

I started this last summer.
The only thing left was to stitch the border.
I had intended to make it all beads,
but changed my mind.

I plan to do one for my husband and son.
...probably not in pinky-peach though.

So I've decided to finish all my WIP's...
this one is next.
It's been sitting like this for 

a while.

Yup, another Lizzie Kate,
and yes
I plan to add buttons and charms 

And here is the mystery BIG project
after a few hours of stitching

The design is 225 L x 144 W
Still no confirmation from stitching buddies if it's big enough.

maybe they're not talking to me 
since I finished the To Do List.


how appropriate ...

I finished a To Do List

The last time that happened was before my son was born.
After he was born, I was happy to get even one item crossed off.

I no longer make lists.

Well,  except when it comes to chocolate or floss

...or maybe to pick up something special tomorrow
which I put off today.

Of course there wasn't a list to follow 

but that's another story...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mysteriously big

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time for a Lizzie Kate stitch-along update...

This was a few days ago...

And this was yesterday...

And this is the start of my biggggerrr  project

The design is 225 L x 144 W

(My stitching buddies haven't told me yet if that is big enough)

All I'm going to say is that it's supposed to be  Christmas present

I really tried to get to it today,
but Lizzie kept getting in the way ...
and so did two aunts,
my son,
a lunch,
a much needed cleaning of the house...
yes, so did the candy crushing

and yet still another happy dance...


but that's another story....

Sweet dreams.....

Saturday, September 15, 2013

What a beautiful fall day. Perfect day for picking some apples

Seems our neighbour has no interest in his apple tree.
We picked a bunch and made apple juice - delicious!

Perfect day for an outing...
to an outdoor model railroad in Burlington.
It was their annual open house.

OK, not my first choice... but it was nice to be outside.

The entire layout was quite large

In fact it covered what used to be an outdoor swimming pool!

Love how they trimmed those shrubs to look like giant trees

Oh no!
It's the giant hand again...
poor Oscar is having nightmares 

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer
(Betchya got that tune in your head now)

So you think you'd be safe at a train show.

And then something caught my eye ...

A giant spider web....

The Black and Yellow Argiope , a common orb web spider.
(because of the shape of its web)
can also be called a writing spider or a corn spider
(and yes I had to look that up - I am not secretly in love with spiders)

Enough to give some nightmares...

Gorgeous web pattern though
and pretty neat how the legs sit together in pairs.

So on the way home, there was a hobby store
we had to stop in (not my choice).

My son found this costume quite neat.
An authentic Samurai Warrior costume
from the 16th century.
It's on consignment at the store.. for only $10,000

Looking at the mask.. 
enough to give you nightmares

The owner of the store told us the story of  how the costume came to the store.
It used to be in someone's house, ...until the mother-in-law came for a visit.
Apparently she got up one night 
and it scared her so much

she peed her pants. 
So he had to get rid of the costume.
Wonder if that was a tough choice...

Imagine that - there's cross stitches in that armour!
tres cool
but a little too pricey for me.

...a train show and hobby store
are not exactly my ideal outings.
Since neither of them had stitchery stuff for me.
But promises of stopping at a certain store on the way back
made the trip worthwhile

Something that I've been dreaming about 
will  now be coming home with me on Tuesday.

Sweet dreams?
Oh yeah!

but that's another story...

Friday, September 13, 2013

44 and counting...

Friday, September 13, 2013

TWO more happy dances this week... in case you were counting.. that's 44 finishes for this year... so far.

I finished some projects that I hadn't stitched on for a while

Popcorn Bear , Vervaco kit

A new name tag for moi

Sweetheart Tree, 28ct linen

Tiny buttons
and a pair of tiny scissors
I loved this one

OK, I admit it...

I just plain love Sweetheart Tree patterns
and Mill Hill
and Lizzie Kate
and ...



nooooo.. say it isn't
Especially the chocolate my aunt brought me from Austria.
Somehow, it doesn't seem to last longer either.

It did feel really good to get some WIPs finished.

Maybe I should finish some more WIP's... 
before starting something new.

All the WIP's ar ein my bag now.

but the Mill Hills are calling me....


what to do what to do...

And then there's the issue of maybe picking a larger project.
Seeing as a few of my stitching buddies seem to think 
smalls don't count...

They're just jealous of my 44 finishes this year.

(Oh, and somehow, they seemed to be OK with them 
when they were received as a birthday gift)

hmmm.... not that I'm competitive.
Nope not me.
My agent should be contacting me any day now 
to tell me I was accepted for the Olympic Speed Stitch Team.

Challenge accepted.

But...what to pick what to pick what to pick

that's another story...