Saturday, January 17, 2015

It was just a matter of time

Well, there are lots of things I can handle in life.

Decorating for a birthday boy.. easy

and fun

with maybe a wee, tiny bit of mischief thrown in

Getting up early
and making heart shaped pancakes

Well, not that I am an early bird, but I did it!

Seeing my sweet son turn 13

well, maybe a bit harder.

Now , seeing my dinner go up in flames
was a bit hard

BUT since it was part of the show, 
and there was a slight distance
... not too hard

ok, yes, it was easy
considering someone else was doing the cooking, lol

Seeing a cake that's NOT chocolate??

ok, it was still delicious.. 
and beside my dear sonshine  picked it out

Seeing someone ELSE receive chocolate??

ok, that was indeed tuff.
I might have to pull out the duct tape to restrain myself while he sleeps...
unless of course he failed to count said balls of delectable goodness

He did share, so that softened the blow


I thought THIS would NEVER come.
(wishful thinking at the highest)

THIS is beyond dreadful.

Even worse than 
running   out   of    chocolate.

Yes. That bad!

And it's official.

The door says it all now.

Loud and clear.

And it's one thing I just cannot handle.

I may need to drown my sorrows...


birthday boy is sleeeeeping.

Pleasant dreams 

and a pinch to grow an inch


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

could it be?

Could it be - another finish?

you bet!

Finish #5 !
Mill Hill Teddy Snow Charmer

Could it be another snowman?
You bet!

Could it be that birds may not be my theme for the month?
welll .. maybe overall for the year.. but I think there are a 'few' snowman that need to be
cleared out first
I'm hoping that will clear out the freezing cold temperatures sooner too.

Could it be
 a few friends seemed to think it was birds that was my theme for the month....
I have no idea where they got that idea from ;)

There's always room to add a birdie on the snowmen :)

I do like snowmen, and birds, and...and...

I was thinking today about what might be my absolute perfect 
pattern to stitch.

So here's the start of the list of what it would need to include:

something Christian
something outdoorsy
all with a touch of humour

Could it be that's asking for too much?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Out of order

13 days into the year and 4 finishes!

Of course I posted my 2nd finish on Jan 2... so here's my 4th finish.

Isn't he cute?
Mill Hill Birdhouse Charmer
I love the fact that there are birds on this design.
I just love birds.

So without further ado,
finish #1

Mill Hill Treasured Holiday Sampler "Crystal Hearts"

This one was fun to stitch because of the variety of stitches
.. that and all the beads :)

And here's finish #3

Bent Creek (gasp, I know NOT a Mill HIll), "Snow is in the Air"

ehem, with a few changes

snowflakes are stitched with Kreinik, sparkly white cord

I think I need to use more Kreinik this year. It's so easy to substitute
it for an existing colour on a pattern

more snowflakes...button nose, beads on face

beads for border, tassels on scarf and hat...

and "I Love Snow" , with heart button 

You did see the birdie didn't you?

hmmm.. maybe the start of a theme for the year 

and for this month?
I guess you'll just have to wait and see.


Friday, January 9, 2015

not quite ...

So somebody told me he'd pick up a new calendar in the kitchen for this year... oh what might that be.. flowers? bears? birds? landscapes? the choices are just endless....

but noooo,  apparently the choices are limited this year....

Not quite what I was expecting.

And I know what you're thinking... 
why couldn't it have been at least chocolate moose?
Well, at least that was my thought.

Speaking of chocolate... 

This is what a real coca bean and seeds look like!
yes I tasted one of the seeds...
not quite like the chocolate I know... but interesting

And being the fabulously fantastic exciting month that it is
Just my opinion ;)

Somebody surprised me with a birthday month present...
was this guilt brought on by the wrong type of moose?

such a big bag ... 

and inside 
was another bag...
not quite what I expected

and inside the small bag? 
Godiva truffles.....

very quite as I expected


Saturday, January 3, 2015

some assembly required

I find it interesting and often amusing how separate, unrelated things, when I look back on a day, seem to have a common theme...

 take for instance this belated Christmas gift...

Can't you just tell what it is?

oh, yeah, there seems to be some assembly required....

Not wanting to take up precious stitch time,
 I suggested Legoson could assemble this for me.
hmmm, since he doesn't seem want to go to bed 
(or at least it feels like that to me)
 he might as well stay up and do something useful.

Legoson, just you wait until Monday morning  and back to school 

So , January 2nd, I finished my 2nd project:

Mill HIll kit " Tea Time"
The kit came with a box that you are supposed to mount it on.
I think I'll decorate the box first, and add some embellishments.
So there is still a wee bit of assembly required... 
but I need to wait for the inspiration to hit

2 days, 2 finishes... at this rate I may just make a dent in my stash
in about 10 yrs from now.

hmmm... with all these finishes ,
I better go assemble my wish list
There MAY just be a few Mill Hill kits missing that I need


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yes, I could have...

Another year has come and gone

Yes, I could ponder all the places I wanted to see,
but heck, I don't think they're going anywhere...
and I'm not sure if the Lindt factory would let me in.

Yes, I could lament about all the stitching I wanted to finish,
but  I think 64 finishes in one year is indeed pretty good.
And I finished the year up with the wee angel above :)

Yes, I could regret the friends I should have called,
but I did spend time with many friends, 
and starting a job can hamper that too

Yes, I could reflect over the healthier food I should have eaten,
but didn't... chocolate is just... so ...versatile 

Yes, I could brood over all the chocolate out there I didn't get to try,
but didn't... ok, no excuse here

Yes, I could mull over the fact that I didn't get a unicycle for Christmas , again,
but there's always next year

Yes, I could meditate on all the books I wanted to read,
but wanted to save them from smudgy chocolate fingerprints

Yes, I could muse over all the housework  and organizing that I didn't do,
but I don't think I'd be musing for long.. I heard dust-bunnies are endangered ,
and there may be a paper shortage... sometime...

Yes, I could recollect all the time I spent on Candy Crush
and the fact that my New Year's Resolution
barely lasted 2 hours...
besides - I'm almost there!!!

most of all
 I could  cry over 

spilled milk,

but I didn't...
it' wasn't chocolate milk you see.

Happy New year to you all!