Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bring it on

Thursday February 28, 2013

Whew. I think I made it through the month. February was a month full of non stop excitement. Twists and turns at every corner.

Not to go out like a lamb there was plenty of hoopla even on the last day.

Water. Last minute appointments. More water. Misunderstandings. Water not stopping. Calls from the school. Boxes. Did I mention water? Kanipfits and tears.

It's enough to make a mom flee  to the local library to hideout for the evening. And stitch. And savour some Lindt.

5 minutes before closing I was pondering hiding out under the C section...  2 minutes to go...announcement comes on... hmmm... maybe they'd take a bribe of chocolate. That would involve sharing. Besides I was holding cheap scissors and a pointy needle. Apparently that did not stop them. Final annoucement. "Library is now CLOSED". Seemed kind of a snarky tone too.  I ignored the glares as I slunk my way out. I might have left a few ort strands behind. So there.

May have been a detour  stop at Timmie's on the sort of way home. Large hot chocolate and chocolate danish. Not to go, thank you.

February: Is that all you got?

March: Bring it on!      I'm prepared with chocolate...

                                       ......and know where to hideout now...    but that's another story...

~ ~ ~ ~

Whoo hooo! I DID IT!!!! Completed the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge on the WWFC blog  

I guess I'll have to find another challenge now.... but that's mayyybe another story....

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

drowning my sorrows

Wednesday February 27, 2013


When it rains, it pours.

It's coming down in buckets of wet sloppy mushy half melting snow. 
                The ditches are at capacity. 
                              The school driveway was flooded and so was the school yard.

All this wet stuff makes you think of rain.... 
the rain makes you think of spring... 
spring makes you think of flowers... 
flowers make you think of summer.... 
summer makes you think of bathing suits... 
bathing suits make you think of swimming... 
swimming makes you think of redecorating 

and installing a pool in your basement.... either that or go fishing...  

I think Mother Nature was so kind to skip all those middle steps 
and just install a pool in our basement.
Hey, I guess I can pick out a new colour scheme....
 light beige or taupe or cream....
 I think that's what the practice was about yesterday.

Which reminds me, I need a new bathing suit.

And that’s why I got drunk on chocolate cheese.

This would so make an awesome cheesecake.

If there's any left tomorrow...
but that's another story.

 ~ ~ ~ 
wow - I think I've done rather swimmingly since there's only ONE day left for the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge on the WWFC blog all that's left is to ask,  is that all?...but  that'll be another wet story :)

Shade of a shade of a shade

Tuesday February 26, 2013

I was having a colour fit today. Yes, we stitchers sometimes throw fits. Watch out for flung needles, knotted floss and tossed scissors. Just count your blessings we don't toss our cookies.

Who names colours? Maybe the more accurate question for stitchers is.... well at least for me today it was

Who the heck would put light blue AND light aqua in a kit? What's the deal with that?


Oh, I know.

The person that just loves it when you spend an afternoon trying to separate the two colours....

and then wind up thinking WHY? They are virtually indistinguishable shades to the naked eye.

I mean why bother putting them together when really they are just minimicronometres off in shades.
OK, so I made up a new word. We're talking somewhere between a yoctogram and a zeptogram off in the colour spectrum.

The same goes for the names of colours... light beige... off white...very light tan...airy cream....pastel mushroom....faint oatmeal....and the ever popular ......light neutral.

It's enough to drive you to a serious chocolate binge. But then again I don't need a reason for that.

I did need a reason of why I wasted an hour separating the two. Just had to prove to myself that I could do it.

And I did deal with it. I am so amazing. So modest too.

I could have just used ecru... but that's another story...

 ~ ~ ~ 
  3 days left for the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge on the WWFC blog  .... can I do it?.... can I do it?.... can I do it?.... can I do it?... can I do it?... that'll be another story :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fictitious Facts

Monday February 25, 2013

I uncovered a major secret today. 

No not the caramel one.. I already know that one.

It's a secret that has been passed on through the generations.

So deep seeded in secrecy is this secret, 
even the Caramilk bars cower in fear.

It's the secret of 


The real secret behind homework. 

Why teachers really assign homework.
Why they made us study those all too trivial useless facts
that you think you'll never need to know ever again.
Why they made us read those mundane books of fiction
full of confusing ambiguous allegories, allusions, illusions and analogies.
(the words I'm sure still make you shiver into a cold sweat)

I know.
And it's a vicious cycle.
You do use them again.
Trust me.

It's all just to prepare you for the time 
when your dear sweet child asks for help 
on HIS homework.

The key word being HIS homework.

The homework that makes you recall all those things 
you didn't want to know in the first place.

The homework that makes you realize 
that you had blissfully forgotten 
some of that stupid stuff...until now.

The homework that take up a whole evening.

The homework that causes grumbling....
from someone who would rather be stitching.

Maybe next time I'll teach him how to stitch the answers ...
that'll stick it to the teacher.
Maybe it'll break that vicious cycle.

Well, when life throws you a wreath,
I say make bouquets and take them to a nursing home.

Think I'll go play with some of my new stash from the Guild...

oh yeahhhh....
adult homework at its' finest.

Better go study some more under my Ott light...

but that's another story.

 ~ ~ ~ 
  4 days left for the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge on the WWFC blog  Whew..., can I do it?... but that's another story too :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sunday February 24, 2013

Today seemed rather surreal.... one of those days that you are just glad it's over.

Funerals are so surreal.

Friends that you find out have years of connections 
to family that you never even knew about.

Long lost relatives that come out of the wood work... 
some you hope return to oblivion.

Old friendships that you missed are revived.

Conversations and memories ...
that seem just like yesterday.

A day to cry and laugh.
To celebrate a life.

My father-in-law's initial's were on the car outside the funeral home.

This made me smile.
So did my friends.

Yesterday there were a few posts from peeps who shockingly
don't know what an Ort box is... 
but interestingly enough really want one. 
(I am so the trend setter....hmmm... what should I want

 There might have been the fleeting thought of
keeping the use of said mysterious contraption a secret ... 
but then I realized I may just cause utter chaos... 
sleepless nights... 
a run on the lumber mill for little round wooden logs.... 
mass hysteria at the local craft shops...
wood turners being flooded with calls...

which in some way might cause the potential of world-wide shortages of chocolate... 

Everything is always connected to chocolate.

Well, you never know... 
I best go stock up anyway. 

Oh, you'll be doing that too, only because I said so... 
and I'm a trend-setter.

This is what the inside of the one I posted yesterday looks like.

An Ort box is a container stitchers use to place snippets of thread.... kind of like orphaned threads.

Confucius say that if everyone wants what you want, 
you should want 
and Ort Boxes. 

...maybe not necessarily in that order.
But it's all connected.

So, can I have it all? 

... well, that's another story...

~ ~ ~ 
Wow, only 5 days left for the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge   on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story too :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stash it to the max

Saturday February 23, 2013

Today was stitch day at the Toronto Stitchery Guild. 
... so I packed 3 bags.
Yup. For 6 hours.
You do recall that I'm a Scouting Leader right?
Be prepared.
I really liked the idea of the lady who brought a suitcase on wheels.....

Ok, ok, so I was hoping for a mass freak snowstorm so I could spend a few days there.

I felt compelled to go. 
Was it because there were so many door prizes?

I didn't win anything... 

maybe it was some silly games

Nope, didn't win anything there either.

Or more silly contests...

Yup, ... rock paper scissors....
I wasn't asked to demonstrate my expertise in that area either.
But I did give a friend a tip ;)
Besides, need to let my friends win sometimes too.

Or maybe the discovery of new newfangled must-have tools?

I really want one of these Ort boxes - they are gorgeous!

Or perhaps, in an absurd way, 
the potential of seeing a
possessed cat?


I am so having googly eyes ready for the next time I see this...

It was the S.E.X.

For those of you that have your mind in the gutter....
In stitchy terms this stands for 

Stash Enhancement Xperience

More specifically today it was MEGA S.E.X.

The kind that make your muscles sore from lifting all the new treasures...
you can't live without.

The ones that work up a major appetite ... 
for more.

And the amount that makes you thankful that your kind friend
has a large trunk ...
and not quite needing to rent a U-haul.

The kind that you learn from...
to have a better plan of attack for next year.
There was some scraping and hair pulling I tell ya! ;)

There was an abundance of food and deserts too.

Speaking of chocolate....

I have some of the BEST neighbors :)

oh yeahhhhhhhh
hmm.. seems to be a cookie theme lately...

Tea's on!

But spending the day with some best friends...


Now I think I need to invite them over for a stash experience ...
but that's another story....

~ ~ ~ 
well, whilst, I realized I'll be soon done a theme-along challenge I found on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story :)

Compulsively chocolaty

Friday February 22, 2013

Best part of my day....baking chocolate chip cookies with my son.

My son made the heart shaped one.
Actually he made them all.

I just supervised and enjoyed the end result :)

It was all his idea to do this... ok twist my arm,
and add more chocolate chips.

Not that I'm compulsive about chocolate... or stitching.... or books... or tennis........or bears.....sigh

Friday, February 22, 2013

Grumpy Chocolate

Thursday February 21, 2013

I had a very attached Kiwi today. Seems that somebody doesn't like getting spiffy nail jobs ... and it wasn't me that got the manicure either. Seems he knows what that carry cage is all about too...

Spent a few hours getting a project ready for Cubs tonight about endangered species. I asked the group if they knew any endangered species. Apparently Godzilla is one.

Tonight we continued the astronomy theme. Last week we had the Stargazers visit... but it was too cloudy so we had a slide show, along with the use of a really cool  iPad app that lets you see the stars.. even on the other side of the world. The guest also spoke of  planets, stars, galaxies, comets ....and meteors... and the next day there was that Russian meteor in the news... now how is that for timing?

So tonight we covered phases of the moon...My co-leader comes up with the best ideas.

Yup... I bet you always thought that the moon was made of cheese? I almost convinced the Godzilla fan that  the cookies were really made of cheese... he looked so disappointed.

So I suggested we should vote on what to do with the cookies after they made moons.. the cookie moons that is...

1. We follow the 3R's of CubScout Recycling badge- package up all the cookies and use them again next year with the new Cubs. They would be perfectly stale by then. Except for the Godzilla licked one... might be some mold on that...

2. My son should give me all his cookies.

3. Shellac them and they could take them home as souvenirs to show their parents what awesome leaders they have.

4. Eat them... (so they can bounce off the walls when they got home... hehehe.)

Well it was a close tie between #2 & #4. I suggested they didn't need to eat them all in one sitting. Yeah, like they'd listen to me. They know me too well maybe....

Wonder if I'll get any grumpy 1am phone calls from parents... but he won't go to bed!!!!

Speaking of chocolate... I think I trained my husband rather well...ok sort of well.

He asked me if I hadn't had enough chocolate ... I seemed kind of grumpy

Let me paint the scene for you.
He just had to interrupt my soak in the tub
with the Chatimals Beaver
(yeah... the one that was supposed to be MY birthday present)

I am soooooo replacing this gift with more cross stitch... 
(oh yeah, making the birthday laaaaaast....)

He left the chocolate melter on the counter unattended 
next to some yummy bananas 
(not that I need any ideas when it comes to chocolate ... )

and he thought I was grumpy... 
Did I mention that he interrupted my quiet soak???
The soak I thought I would take after one young chatimal son was in bed?????

Next time I lock the bathroom door BEFORE I get in the tub.

back to the bathing chocolate grump

         so I asked him ....  "Define enough"

                          his reply.............          "Just a little more"  

     ahhh, perfect answer :)      See, I almost got him perfectly trained...

Would you and the Chatimal like to be alone? ....because I know I would.... and not like this either...

How's that for sunblock....
(sorry don't know who to attribute the photo to.....nope it's really not me... I was in the tub)

Well, the thought of the day....who needs groceries... fasting can be so beneficial... and there is still some chocolate in the house... somewhere.

I am in deep trouble... 
Sweetheart Tree has come out with NINE new cross stitch releases... 
I better catch the last train out of the city.... 

That or plunk down my birthday money....

decisions decisions....
but that's another story....

~ ~ ~ 
well, whilst soaking, I'm realized I'm almost somewhat soon done a theme-along challenge I found on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The scenic route

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Had to go downtown today to get reprints done from slides. I really wish I could have stopped to take a photo along the way. There in a big puddle of  frozen water, between some trees, stood a lone shoe.

Funny how single shoes seem to pop up...  I see one occasionally on the telephone wires... close to a school. "But Mommmmm, I honestly don't know what happened to my other shoe..."

It kind of makes you wonder what really did happen to the other shoe when you see a single one on the side of the road. Did it go the scenic route sight seeing?

Maybe it had to go see this giant thimble....

where else.. but in the fashion district of Toronto.
Maybe they use it to sew giant curtains or something...

Speaking of chocolate scenic tours...

It sure was chocolaty... although it didn't taste like 16 cups of cocoa...
and I think there were more than eggs & cocoa in it.
Did you notice how thin they sliced it?
I didn't see the cocoa patrol out, so I might have snagged 2... 
                                                    ....well realistically one...

We took the scenic route home today.

Apparently my father in law went on a world tour today.
His wife got a call that his credit card was used in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand...

Except that he passed away very, very early this morning.
Maybe he's taking a scenic tour.

Maybe that was his shoe I saw today....

Happy Travels Tom.
** R.I.P.**


Little things

Tuesday February 19, 2013

 Sometimes you know it's's just the waiting part that's the hardest.

You try to distract yourself and keep busy. 
Like whacking the bejeebers out on a tennis ball. Great way to get out some frustrations and anger. 

Running a few small errands.

Maybe some cleaning, laundry....
(Speak for yourself .. or better yet, you're welcome to come and do mine).
naaaa.. it can wait

Getting a birthday present done well in advance.... instead of the night before.

Yes another Mill Hill :)
It has silk flowers on it too.
This was one of the first Mill Hill kits I bought - from 1994!

 Heck, now I'm 17 days ahead of schedule!
Made this for my mom - but I don't think I'll wait until her birthday.

But they're all really just little things. 

Spending time with your friends and loved ones.
Now that's a gift that's priceless.

And not so little.

~ ~ ~ 
well, whilst waiting, I'm somewhat following a theme-along challenge I found on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chipmunk habits

Monday February 18, 2013

A dear friend gave me a birthday present yesterday. A vintage ring of hearts pin and a beautiful card.

See, my birthday is still going on :)

I was at another nursing home service, and word got out that I am a soloist. I wonder if I have my dear friend to thank for spreading that rumour....

speaking of hearts...    it was a magical day around here....

 My son snagged the last one....

... and magically, the next time he saw the container it was full!

Wondering how quickly these will disappear.

Last week he shoved a whole handful into his mouth. Actually he shovels most food into his mouth. A pet peeve of certain parental units related to him... that and then talking with his mouth full. hmmm... maybe I could use these as a reward. Possibly I could even train him to sit still and roll over.

                    I wonder if he's part chipmunk. 

Today it was a handful of Tic Tacs. He stored them in the garbage can rather quickly after that.

Maybe there really is a prize at the bottom. Let me go check that out with the chocolate. May take a while, as I think it's a act of high treason to shovel any good chocolate. 
....Unless of course you're filling a bathtub with it for me.

Another day... another Mill Hill...

I really love the all-beaded Mill Hill kits.

Sadly, I only had three all-beaded kits. 
The strawberry I did a while ago was all beaded as well. You can see a photo in a prior post.   
Happily , I know there's 
a few more Mill Hill's still in my stash.

Honestly.... just a few.
I think a few of my stitchy friends might be rolling on the floor right now in gales of laughter.
Ok, I may be a chipmunk, with a stash, but at least I don't store them in my mouth.

So after visiting the hospital again today, I'm home at last.
Guess I better make another dent in my Mill Hill stash...
before they come out with more new ones.

That or finish all my projects I started last year.
I might have a few of those too.
But that's another story....

~ ~ ~ 
amazingly, I'm more than half way done of somewhat following a theme-along challenge I found on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Coincidence dude?

Sunday February 17, 2013

Spring is in the air.....of course!
That's why we got a dumping of snow again!

Well, that is not going to stop me from stitching something springy :)

Finished this tonight...

I decided to do this Mill Hill on fabric, and will make it into an egg ornament.
It's all beads. I really love it!

Ate the rest of my lamb stew tonight too.

I had a peek at my blogger account.
Ah the things we do when there's too much time....

Whoo hoo - I've made 45 posts and have 45 followers of chocolate madness.

Did you know that it even tells the countries people are in that are reading your blog?
No, I don't hide my choco-stash in another country. Nice try.
Well, unless you are in the other country, then technically....
I am still not going to divulge where my choco-stash is hidden.

In honour of my world wide web followers of chocolate
Henceforth known as WWWFC.
Not to be confused with World Wide Wrestlers For Chocolate.
hmmm... I really need to find a better name... I'll get right on that.

Any who, I thought, what the heck. I should make them all feel even more at home.
Except I'm still not divulging where the choco-stash is.
So thought I would look up how to say  "Whatever, dude"   in different languages.

It would be my little thank you present to you all. 
Just think, you would be eternally grateful 
when you find yourself in a foreign country 
and don't want to sound like a tourist..... 
what could be more useful than that?
Oh, maybe "Where's the chocolate , dude?"

well, it could happen....

And then I thought.... most of them already are in a foreign country.

 But none of them know where my choco-stash is, hehehe
Not a coincidence.

... and that's not another story. Ha!

~ ~ ~ 
amazingly, I'm STILL somewhat following a theme-along 
challenge I found on the WWFC blog
Day 17... almost done... but that's another story :)

Music for the soul

Saturday February 16, 2013

It's been really interesting with my son discovering all these 'new' tunes on the retro radio station he loves to listen to. It's really cute when he tries to sing the lyrics of a song. His favourite seems to change every few days, probably when he hears and even better one.

Today it was: "Dad, they're playing  'Go for a Soda' ! Wanna come and listen?"

Yesterday: "Mom, can you guess the tune that I'm whistling?" and proceeded to whistle between his teeth.
uh-huh, yup.....certainly does sound like that tune son! (I had no clue what it was)

The music he listens to is what I love.... what I grew up with in the 70's ...80's.

Music can bring back such powerful memories.

 I spent the evening at the hospital sitting with my father-in-law. Mostly held his hand when he woke on and off.

I asked my husband what kind of music his dad loved the most. Show tunes. Of course! I will always be grateful and have fond memories of all the musicals my husband and I saw - thanks to his dad.

I had a thought of maybe humming or even singing for his dad while I was there..... Seeing that my professional debut had already been made in the Retirement home 2 weeks prior, I figured I was a pro now. But sitting there I realized that silence, a smile and squeeze of the hand is indeed music for the heart... and the soul.

Well, technically it's already Sunday when I'm posting this.  As I left his room tonight, I noticed a piano in the common area. Maybe tomorrow... or rather later today, during the daytime....but that's another story....

~ ~ ~ 
amazingly, I'm STILL somewhat following a theme-along 
challenge I found on the WWFC blog
... but that's another story :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

One last spring

Friday February 15, 2013 better come soon ... or else....ummmm.... I'll just have to stitch something springy?

I made this for an avid gardener. 
My step-mother-in-law.
Right now she's going through a tough journey. 
Before spring arrives, she will be a widow.

The question that's been going through my mind,
Was today the last time?

It was for a friend.
We made it possible that he could see his buddy.
One last time.

Here's my new palette...

Looks like spring is on the canvas....
and around the corner.

It'll be here sooner than you think.

Too soon for some.

Too late for Tom.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ya still gotta eat chocolate

Thursday February 14, 2013

Well, what would be more romantic than to spend the evening at a Cub Scout meeting? It wasn't too bad. We had a visit from the Stargazer Group and the guest really interacted well with the kids. I get the feeling he was really a kid in disguise. The beard seemed pretty realistic though.

I made the most amazing dinner... yes me... all by myself ... leek veggie soup, lamb stew in a veggie creamy sauce with egg noodles, baby spinach  salad, and fruit salad as desert. It was my gift to my parents and hubby. Heck it was even had the James stamp of approval. Mind you I had to cream his soup as he doesn't like chunks of veggies.

Yes, I did make the dinner - and everyone loved it. Proof positive that it was so good, because nobody even asked Where can I get a good blintz?"

My mom is the best... she brought us a basket of goodies, which included homemade jam....

oh yeahhhhhhhhh.....

I LOVE the box! 
Thinking I could cover the top with some stitching
and use it as a small accessory sewing box :)

I decided that even though the dinner I made was as near to perfection as possible, 
and I remain yet ever so humble and modest,
(watch out Iron Chef!)
there still was a lack of chocolate desert after the meal... 

After Cubs I convinced James we needed to go to the grocery store...
 for more lamb as we're having another guest tomorrow...

Now how did that end up in my cart?
Wow... and whipping cream too?
Reminds me of that post-it note photo yesterday...

Geez, hubby got a slice so quick after I came home,
I didn't have a chance to take a pic of it whole.
I think we all inhaled our pieces....

It was soooo good.
Almost as good as my dinner...hehehe

To end the evening...

From someone who usually thinks
Valentine's day is an artificial day...

but that's another story...

~ ~ ~ 
amazingly, I'm STILL somewhat following a theme-along 
challenge I found on the WWFC blog
... but that's another story :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Wednesday February 13, 2013

It's so interesting when people come up with new uses for common items.....

I have no idea where this photo came from...

I have no idea why they would choose post it notes... if you're going to be covered in something I can think of way better things...
                   ..... tastier things... maybe with unintended

I went grocery shopping today.... perhaps not a good idea when you're realllly hungry 
and haven't had chocolate in ... 
               ........a while... hours maybe....ok minutes...

I had planned to only buy veggies to make a soup and a lamb stew.... but a few unintended items threw themselves at me from the far corners of the store into my cart....

Now that gives spooning a whole new meaning. 
Wondering if that connotation was unintended...

It was the perfect antidote to my super healthy dinner

ok, this was before the dressing and croutons.

I even shared some of those apricot chocolates at stitch night tonight. 
I think they left me one.
We had a fun night yakking and oogling ...  drooling over the new things at Gitta's .

Too much to choose, so I'll just have to go back when there's less distractions.
This might have been one of them.
Yes I'm using past tense.
An early valentine's gift from a sweet friend.
I think she's the one that left me one apricot chocolate.
oh, maybe it was a guilt offering.....
psst.....Linda, I accept Mill Hill kits too!

I discovered that stitching and birds do not go well together...  
Boy was Kiwi fast down my arm...
 like Speedy Gonzalez when it comes to something he spies 
that might make a nice chew toy.
That's why he's never near me when I have chocolate.

Ok, so maybe it's unintentional that nobody is near me 
when I have chocolate.

or is it a coincidence...
well, that's another story....

The day I met Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday February 12, 2013

The world is an amazing place. Another day of discoveries.

First I get an email. From a Friend. Well, he said he was, even though I'd never heard from him before, but who am I to argue....  apparently there has been a mistake! I am not really the original contractor/beneficiary of the said contract funds because I did not do any contract there with Nigeria government. But if I keep it all hush hush I can still receive the funds, he won't report me to the Mod Squad, and further more he expects nothing but my sincere truth and co-operation. Well, at least this time they didn't ask me for my first born and my bank account. I should write him back and tell him about the time I met Abraham Lincoln in Nigeria. He did ask for the truth now didn't he? 

My friends are keeping secrets from me... again

Apparently it's a cross stitch pattern by Heaven And Earth Designs. By the way, I will still accept birthday presents for the next 11 months. I am so milking this one this year, lol....

I had no idea that someone wrote a book about me.

Desperately needed some chocolate therapy today. That can happen when you take your child to the dentist.
Yeah, best place in the wolrd to eat sweets... right in front of your child as he's in the chair.... I am so a glutton for pain.... or maybe it's the ultimate parenting tool. Sweetie-pie, see what happens if  you don't hand over all the chocolate to mommy when she's PMS-ing?

They want to take a picture of my son, so she says"smile"... and he forces this really weird.. ok the best I can describe it is, never-have-I-ever-seen-him-smile-like-this-before-stretched-half-open-mouth-sort-of-frown.... it really reminded me of Wallace & Gromit... I think the assistant taking notes was about to roll on the floor....

Oh, if  only I had my camera there. There are some moments you know you are just going to relish when he brings home his first girlfriend... ok, let's not think about that quite yet.

Tonight I got both chocolate and stitch therapy..

Ahhh...    ...Mill Hill.... the month of February exudes it. Great antidotes when what you really feel like doing is screaming and shaking some common sense into some people.

And I'm not talking about my son ... but that's another story...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Road trip of life

Monday February 11, 2103

There is good in every day.....  you just need to open your eyes...

or maybe sometimes your mouth.

I wrote a poem....

The Road Trip of Life

Along the road both narrow and wide
Is there some room along the side?
To see the things that pass on by
Sometimes in just the blink of an eye.

A tear, a frown, a laugh or smile,
Is it too much to stay a while
For a friend in need at journey's end
Regrets and sorrows, the time's to mend.

This is the day, it does not last
Still lost or found, this soul shall pass
The decision is made, with heavy heart
Too soon we will forever part.

Through this journey we all go on,
In the blink of an eye, too soon it's gone
The life that we're given is meant to live
To love, 
or hate 
but always, forgive.

~ with loving thoughts of Tom Sr. 
May your passing be peaceful.