Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chipmunk habits

Monday February 18, 2013

A dear friend gave me a birthday present yesterday. A vintage ring of hearts pin and a beautiful card.

See, my birthday is still going on :)

I was at another nursing home service, and word got out that I am a soloist. I wonder if I have my dear friend to thank for spreading that rumour....

speaking of hearts...    it was a magical day around here....

 My son snagged the last one....

... and magically, the next time he saw the container it was full!

Wondering how quickly these will disappear.

Last week he shoved a whole handful into his mouth. Actually he shovels most food into his mouth. A pet peeve of certain parental units related to him... that and then talking with his mouth full. hmmm... maybe I could use these as a reward. Possibly I could even train him to sit still and roll over.

                    I wonder if he's part chipmunk. 

Today it was a handful of Tic Tacs. He stored them in the garbage can rather quickly after that.

Maybe there really is a prize at the bottom. Let me go check that out with the chocolate. May take a while, as I think it's a act of high treason to shovel any good chocolate. 
....Unless of course you're filling a bathtub with it for me.

Another day... another Mill Hill...

I really love the all-beaded Mill Hill kits.

Sadly, I only had three all-beaded kits. 
The strawberry I did a while ago was all beaded as well. You can see a photo in a prior post.   
Happily , I know there's 
a few more Mill Hill's still in my stash.

Honestly.... just a few.
I think a few of my stitchy friends might be rolling on the floor right now in gales of laughter.
Ok, I may be a chipmunk, with a stash, but at least I don't store them in my mouth.

So after visiting the hospital again today, I'm home at last.
Guess I better make another dent in my Mill Hill stash...
before they come out with more new ones.

That or finish all my projects I started last year.
I might have a few of those too.
But that's another story....

~ ~ ~ 
amazingly, I'm more than half way done of somewhat following a theme-along challenge I found on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story :)


Indigo Roth said...

Hey MommaBear! I'm loving the heart pin! Lovely! And please, pass the cinnamon hearts ;) Indigo

KZ said...

I started scarfing food by the mouthful as a teenager, and I never really outgrew the habit. That's probably something I should correct at some point.

Bea said...

That is a beautiful pin Helen.