Thursday, November 20, 2014

the long and the short of it...

There are many things in life that I find inspirational. 
Things that unleash my creativity and make me want to try new things. 

I love to take photos 
so here's some  inspiration for my art, including writing....

experimenting with new ways to eat watermelon ...  
yes over a campfire

this huge portrait... made of Lego

of course chocolate... goes without saying

with a view of course

Being in the woods, outodoors...

increasingly so when it's not cold and pouring down rain :)

and birds... love the patterns and colours of their feathers

doesn't this one look so peaceful?

and then there was this....

yes, even chopped hair can be inspirational.

unless done under a full moon

but even then, the end result can still be 

pretty incredibly

gorgeous actually

some of the best inspiration


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Parrots gone wild....

Oh I know this is a wee bit late.... 
but I was busy dealing with some mischievous parrots at work this week....

really.. I had nothing to do with this....

Polly - not you too?!?!

sigh.... gotta love the new 'do'

what was all the sqwaking about... oh yeah... maybe these treats?

meanwhile at home ....
word got out to a certain feathery child
that there are birdie treats

 I had to do some treat baking for Kiwi

that's one patient quaker!

All done

mmmm..... thanks mummy!

...and then there were MY treats

oh yeah....

I have the nicest visitors at work!

... in case you're wondering - I work at a parrot supply store
no- there are no real birdies... 
but we do have anything a parrot could ever dream of 

... if you're in the area - drop in and say hi, 
  heck, a sqwaaaaaak is nice too
or a chirp

but please don't dress up any real birds