Tuesday, May 28, 2013

They just don't last long....

Tuesday May 28, 2013

So what exactly is the average life expectancy of Girl Guide Cookies..... once you open them?

Yesterday we popped into a Marine store (not my idea... the closest thing to stitching in there was rope... not that it would fit through any needle I own.. mind you it might go with those giant scissors, lol)...

.... low and behold, the clerk happened to belong to Girl Guides... and was selling cookies.

The last time I had Girl Guide cookies, they had those minty chocolaty covered ones.
(I think most people were disappointed about the change.)
Did you know they have two cookie campaigns?
The minty ones are sold in the fall.

The spring sale features the classic chocolate & vanilla sandwich ones.

So now the race is on.

Of course there IS a prize in the bottom ...
or so some around my home seem to think.

As you can see it's a neck and neck race to the finish.

I must clarify - this photo was taken yesterday.
My son claimed the last two for his lunch tomorrow.

I did a search on the cookies and found that there are 
Girl Guide recipes using the cookies!
Imagine that.
Sorry to say I can't try them out as the cookies were all claimed.

Fortunately a delicious recipe was shared at the guild last night.
It's served at almost all the meetings.

Oatmeal Crunch.

I must warn you this is dangerously delicious
and even more dangerously easy.

4 cups Oatmeal
2 cups brown Sugar
1 cup Butter
Bake 350 for about 12 minutes

I can't wait for the next guild meeting.
Yes, it's an easy recipe.

But soooo much easier if someone else makes it.

Besides, I have another race going on...
not involving cookies...

but that's another story...

not what you'd expect...

Monday May 27, 2013

It was an interesting weekend.

Saturday evening tried to go see the new Star Trek movie.
I have never seen it so busy at the theatre.
The cars were overflowing and parking on the side streets.

We opted to go to a desert place across the street called Spin.
I was treated to some chocolaty overloaded goodness. 

Godiva chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream.
It was a very good alternative and I got to catch up with a good friend.
May need to go back just to ensure it really was that good....
I mean the cake - the friend I already know is good,
and she has been since grade 3
: )

I spent part of the weekend working on my guild assignment. The kitty. Remember that one? I wrote about it  in my April 22 post. Well, it was due this evening... guess what I was working on until about 10 minutes before I had to leave..

 Yes, the photo transfer I got a month ago....I was supposed to embellish it somehow. For the guild's anniversary display. Leave it to me to work on it at the last minute.

So here's the before:

And after I did some work on it:

I got a bit creative and  incorporated some twigs , which I picked up from the Joshua Creek property.

a bit closer...

even closer... 
now you can see some of the stitches.
I stitched around the cat, to make it look like fur,
accented the eyes

and of course had to stitch that nose!
It really was that pink in the photo to start with.

I added nylon thread for the whiskers

of course I had to add beads for the berries

some of the beaded berries I attached to the twigs...
this proved challenging to say the least.

 Must say I have never stitched on a photo transfer or included real wood in a stitched creation.
It was fun and a learning experience. I love getting creative.
I was the only one who used more than just thread.
Well, they did tell me I could do anything with it....

Sunday I noticed that my blog entry for Saturday wasn't posted. I posted it and somehow it date stamped it for Saturday. 

When I tried looking at my photos yesterday....I found out somehow the card was wiped of anything on it. I have no idea how this happened.  I never pushed anything since I last used it and nobody else had touched my camera.... Yikes.

I had only backed up my photos since November last year.
Double yikes ....I felt like crying. 

Fortunately, I found a card recovery program online called Cardrecovery - and got ALL my photos back. Yipee!!

Yes I have learned a lesson - back photos up more often! lol

Tonight at the guild we watched a movie about some of the guild members...and their secret life as biker chicks......not only are they all inspirational and superb artists....

who would have guessed.....

a wild and crazy bunch ...  

guess that's why I feel like I fit in.

So there may be a little bit of a race going on at home...
oh, maybe more than just one race...

but that's another story...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Statistically... well it IS spring....

Saturday May 25, 2013

SCOPE is a Ontario/Pennsylvania Scout exchange that has been going on since 1967. You can read more about it here.

So.... I may have left out a few details about the trip.

Like the weather.

Saturday was sort of pleasant - a bit cool and overcast. But no rain. Thank goodness. Well, at least during the majority of the daytime.

A few  brave souls (I'd call it something else) actually used the pool that day. Including my son. They had just recently opened the pool for the season. So let's just say the water was a tad ....cool. in fact they were all shivering. Bravely shivering.

I have NO idea why I even bothered to pack a bathing suit.
There was no way you could get me into that pool unless it was +30C out.
It was not anywhere near that warm that day.

It went down to +2C during the nights.
Of course that's why I left my warm socks at home.
I optimistically hoped for warm weather.
(Hence the packed bathing suit)

They have this daily newspaper that is published while we are there. 
It's called the Daily Drench.
(You can view the papers yourself on the SCOPE website here. )
It's called the Daily Drench for good reason. 
It seems to always rain on the weekend of SCOPE.
(Gee, in the spring? Who would think...)

In my optimism I also left my tall rain boots at home.

And it did rain.
But not until the Saturday daytime activities were done
How perfect.

It rained Saturday late afternoon and then stopped for the early evening activities.
How perfect.

I did mention there was fire.

Saturday evening there was a magician 
who also juggled
with fire

And we had a wee campfire.
This was when it was being lit - you can see a bit of the structure.

What's a camp without a wee fire?

Ok, so it was a BIG campfire.
Bonfire might more aptly describe this one.

ahhhh.. his hair's on fire..... ok NOT.

No marshmallows though. Or smores.
They would have been slightly overdone I think.

When most everyone had left, a Scoutmaster
played a few tunes on his guitar and we sang along.

I think this was one of my favourite parts of the weekend.
That and being next to the warm fire on a cool night.

It rained again Saturday during the night.
And all day Sunday.

Got to love packing up in the rain.
Not my favourite part of the weekend.

Thank goodness there was a dryer back at our host's house.
And a warm shower.
And dry clothes.
And a comfy bed that wasn't an air mattress on the ground.

One of my rewards after the camp.

Chocolate cake.

Still warm.

We were invited to another house for Sunday dinner.
 I was forced to hold on to the cake as we drove.

(They are so trusting of us Canadians....)

Wouldn't you know it ... my host had a love of chocolate too.
Did I mention she had made chocolate brownies on the Friday too.

Sunday Dinner:
 shrimp appetizer ,cheese and crackers and chips with salsa dip,
 baked salmon and roasted chicken, 
pasta veggie salad, tossed leaf salad,
and the cake was served with strawberries and ice cream.
Definitely not a camp dinner.

On the bus ride home we stopped for lunch.

I highly recommend this place.
I had an awesome pulled pork sandwich and neat waffle fries.
Food was great and wonderful service too.

With free ice cream.
Self Serve.

oh yeah.

I'm hoping the trend catches on up here.
Timmies' Coldstone Creamery would be a good start.

I think I deserve a few more rewards after this trip.
(Which included a 12 hour bus ride)

Like some quiet time.

And maybe the company of some stitching.
And chocolate.
Of course.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Time for ga ga

Friday May 24, 2013

No Scout camp would be complete without some fun activities. This camp had it in spades!

Well, maybe small tomahawks... and chainsaws...and ropes.... and fire. ...oh, and guns of course!

I mean what is a Scout camp without some ..... excitement..

Just some of the activities:

 paintball targets

The bushes behind them were much too plain green before then.

Obstacle course

I raced my son.
Guess who won?

Let's just say I can get tad competitive.

ok, so I let him try it out a few times before we raced.

Wonder what this is...

Chainsaw carver was awesome

Too much noise?

He carved two eagle heads.
The top two racers on the obstacle course won them.

This is one of the walking sticks he has made


more on that contraption...

It's getting there...

Climbing wall.

After the high ropes outing last fall,
I didn't venture up that one.

oh - look- it's finished!

A pioneering Ferris Wheel.
Everything held together with ropes
only metal pieces were at the centre of the wheel

A big hit with the kids.... and adults :)

Yes I was very trusting.
Besides, numerous others had already tried it.
Notice the helmets?

So you're probably wondering about the ga ga?

It's sort of like a contained dodge ball
but you can't catch the ball

Why is it called ga ga?
Because you start the game by letting the ball bounce
three times
each time calling 

I bet you knew that already.

The camp even had a small lake.
Some of Scouts fished.
Most of them used the paddleboats.

a beach?

sadly no...
only for horseshoes

Well the kids certainly had a blast.
I know they loved the whole weekend.

Oh.... the weather?
....And I did mention there was fire?

But the bigger question remains
was there chocolate?

that's another story.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not quite 5 star

Thursday May 23, 2013

So you think I was on a culinary tour? With luxurious accommodations?

Well, I guess that all depends on your standards and what you're comparing it to.

Not sure what the star rating is on this place.

Well, look at the bright side ...
better than sleeping out in the open.
Been there. Done that.
This definitely was a step up!

Yes indeed, we had arrived.
The Pennsylvania/Ontario Scout Exchange!

Where else can you savour the taste of homemade cooking by 
somewhat inexperienced young Scouts...

 burnt yet crisp bacon

with pancakes

Shaken , not stirred.
I think James Bond needs a new slogan.

and of course  Tasty Cakes!

Did I mention I'm a Scout Leader?
Good thing.
We had a wee bit different menu.
Let's just say our pancakes were made completely from scratch
with fresh eggs
and chocolate chips
and made by the much senior Patrol leader Scouts.

See... a smiling bunch

... and they were still smiling after they ate :)

There were plenty of snacks too.

Freshly made funnel cakes!

Kind of looks like an anatomically correct kidney???

BBQ lunch outside.

Oh, but I'm sure you're wondering.
Is that all they do at a Scouting weekend?
Eat & Sleep in tents?


There was lots of fun activities.
You know - all the safe ones, like

What more could a camp full of Scouts want?

Maybe some water activities?

Oh there was plenty of that.

And of course the daily SCOPE newspaper
that had a very appropriate name.

But that's another story....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feeeeed meeeeee

Wednesday May 22, 2013

So onward with the adventure...

One of the highlights of this journey of inexplicable fun, besides the people, was certainly the food.

Philadelphia has its share of fine dining establishments.

Not that I saw much further of this one, other than the entrance.
That's the biggest guitar I'd ever seen.

When in Philly... what do you need to experience?

Why - of course - the Philly Cheesecake!

oh - sorry - I mean the Philly Cheese steak!

Oh yeahhhh.. it was good!

The indoor market was interesting - and packed!

Lots of interesting booths and stores.

I found this one interesting... no reason in particular...

Might have been what was on tap...

Seems they sell the gourmet oils and vinegars in bottles.
Much more convenient way to take it home don't you think?

I realllllly realllly loved this indoor market....

oh yeah bayyybeeee
Artisan chocolates

Much too nice to eat, so I didn't buy them.
Price had nothing to do with it....  at $32.95/lb
I don't think a pound would have sufficed.

They even had chcoclate covered strawberries...

HUGE ones.

Now if only I had known the Philly Cheesesteak had come in this form first...

And for the transplant patients...

Anatomically correct hearts and kidneys.
You too can say "I love you with all my heart"
for that next special occasion.

What will they think of next... maybe I don't want to know.

I wonder about all the accidents kids would have on purpose if these were the standard?

Oh if life's boo boos were only that easy to fix :)

Our last stop in the city was to view the
Chinatown friendship Gate.

Absolutely stunning.

I didn't get to sample anything in that part of town.
We had to rush on to the next leg of the journey.

A journey beyond compare.

Where tempting delicacies to tantalize our taste buds awaited us ...

and maybe a cute pooch...

and things that make you say 

ga ga ga

but that's another story...