Saturday, May 25, 2013

Statistically... well it IS spring....

Saturday May 25, 2013

SCOPE is a Ontario/Pennsylvania Scout exchange that has been going on since 1967. You can read more about it here.

So.... I may have left out a few details about the trip.

Like the weather.

Saturday was sort of pleasant - a bit cool and overcast. But no rain. Thank goodness. Well, at least during the majority of the daytime.

A few  brave souls (I'd call it something else) actually used the pool that day. Including my son. They had just recently opened the pool for the season. So let's just say the water was a tad in fact they were all shivering. Bravely shivering.

I have NO idea why I even bothered to pack a bathing suit.
There was no way you could get me into that pool unless it was +30C out.
It was not anywhere near that warm that day.

It went down to +2C during the nights.
Of course that's why I left my warm socks at home.
I optimistically hoped for warm weather.
(Hence the packed bathing suit)

They have this daily newspaper that is published while we are there. 
It's called the Daily Drench.
(You can view the papers yourself on the SCOPE website here. )
It's called the Daily Drench for good reason. 
It seems to always rain on the weekend of SCOPE.
(Gee, in the spring? Who would think...)

In my optimism I also left my tall rain boots at home.

And it did rain.
But not until the Saturday daytime activities were done
How perfect.

It rained Saturday late afternoon and then stopped for the early evening activities.
How perfect.

I did mention there was fire.

Saturday evening there was a magician 
who also juggled
with fire

And we had a wee campfire.
This was when it was being lit - you can see a bit of the structure.

What's a camp without a wee fire?

Ok, so it was a BIG campfire.
Bonfire might more aptly describe this one.

ahhhh.. his hair's on fire..... ok NOT.

No marshmallows though. Or smores.
They would have been slightly overdone I think.

When most everyone had left, a Scoutmaster
played a few tunes on his guitar and we sang along.

I think this was one of my favourite parts of the weekend.
That and being next to the warm fire on a cool night.

It rained again Saturday during the night.
And all day Sunday.

Got to love packing up in the rain.
Not my favourite part of the weekend.

Thank goodness there was a dryer back at our host's house.
And a warm shower.
And dry clothes.
And a comfy bed that wasn't an air mattress on the ground.

One of my rewards after the camp.

Chocolate cake.

Still warm.

We were invited to another house for Sunday dinner.
 I was forced to hold on to the cake as we drove.

(They are so trusting of us Canadians....)

Wouldn't you know it ... my host had a love of chocolate too.
Did I mention she had made chocolate brownies on the Friday too.

Sunday Dinner:
 shrimp appetizer ,cheese and crackers and chips with salsa dip,
 baked salmon and roasted chicken, 
pasta veggie salad, tossed leaf salad,
and the cake was served with strawberries and ice cream.
Definitely not a camp dinner.

On the bus ride home we stopped for lunch.

I highly recommend this place.
I had an awesome pulled pork sandwich and neat waffle fries.
Food was great and wonderful service too.

With free ice cream.
Self Serve.

oh yeah.

I'm hoping the trend catches on up here.
Timmies' Coldstone Creamery would be a good start.

I think I deserve a few more rewards after this trip.
(Which included a 12 hour bus ride)

Like some quiet time.

And maybe the company of some stitching.
And chocolate.
Of course.

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Astrids dragon said...

I just read all your posts about your trip, what a great time you had! I wish the boys had done that with their troop! Oh well, there's always Nathan.