Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not quite 5 star

Thursday May 23, 2013

So you think I was on a culinary tour? With luxurious accommodations?

Well, I guess that all depends on your standards and what you're comparing it to.

Not sure what the star rating is on this place.

Well, look at the bright side ...
better than sleeping out in the open.
Been there. Done that.
This definitely was a step up!

Yes indeed, we had arrived.
The Pennsylvania/Ontario Scout Exchange!

Where else can you savour the taste of homemade cooking by 
somewhat inexperienced young Scouts...

 burnt yet crisp bacon

with pancakes

Shaken , not stirred.
I think James Bond needs a new slogan.

and of course  Tasty Cakes!

Did I mention I'm a Scout Leader?
Good thing.
We had a wee bit different menu.
Let's just say our pancakes were made completely from scratch
with fresh eggs
and chocolate chips
and made by the much senior Patrol leader Scouts.

See... a smiling bunch

... and they were still smiling after they ate :)

There were plenty of snacks too.

Freshly made funnel cakes!

Kind of looks like an anatomically correct kidney???

BBQ lunch outside.

Oh, but I'm sure you're wondering.
Is that all they do at a Scouting weekend?
Eat & Sleep in tents?


There was lots of fun activities.
You know - all the safe ones, like

What more could a camp full of Scouts want?

Maybe some water activities?

Oh there was plenty of that.

And of course the daily SCOPE newspaper
that had a very appropriate name.

But that's another story....

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