Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The truth is always somewhere....

Teen minifig made a neat gift for his dad. Thought-ful gift.
It left me thinking....

Is there a deeper meaning to some things? Am I missing something?...
( not sure if Kiwi was wondering...)

...was it blueberry? Truth be told.... it was gone way to fast....

....will these Newfoundland eggs ever hatch ....truth be told , might be witing a loooong time for that to happen...

Is this the end? How did this happen? Truth be told.... I did share.... a ...wee ....bit.

Have no fear...just when you think all is lost.....I found more truth last night....

And it was delicious!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

wrong answer

The world is definitely coming to an end. 
Total chaos is just around the corner. 
Life has lost its meaning.... 

I mean could they!?! Yes you know who you are
newfoundland chocolate company

Origin: Ghana
Bean: Forestero & Criollo
Cocoa 42%
Tasting notes: Bold & distinctive with an aroma of HAZELNUTS. Caramel, butter & honey undertones.

Obviously I had to resort to alternative measures... being only able to smell it.

Teen Minifig was my first tester... his reply ( he reached for a second piece)
"Mmmm that's good"

WRONG Answer.

Hubby was the second tester.
" mmmm, thats good....very smooth. "

WRONG answer.

They should know better by now.

I should just go hide in a closet. 
Preferably one that houses EDIBLE Chocolate.

Well, on the bright side, at least the sky didn't fall.... today

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Keep it clean

My deepest appologies for the last posting. I know writing about delicious chocolate and Kybos in the same post could be seen as tasteless..... just don't give me too much crap about it ok?

Next up...

Bean: Amazonian Forestero and Trinitario
67% cocoa
Tasting nites: Deeply intense cocoa taste. Fresh hints of tropical fruit.

hmmm, another bar no longer on the web site of
...the sky is certainly falling....

verdict: very intense indeed.
repeat factor: would willingly subject myself to this. Must locate substitute in mean time.

Speaking of substitutions... 2nd best camping idea ever.....

That's right....wooden cutlery. No need to wash. Lego teen thinks we could use these at home. Was he refering to the campfire?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Survival skills

So, now that I've figured out how to post photos, I guess there's no excuse not to get back into blogging....except a certain substance keeps distracting me...or maybe I'm just prolonging my experiences.

continuing on my Newfoundland chocolate journey...

Not much left there.... but onward with my round the world tour. up...

Sao Thome
origin: Africa
Bean: Forestero
70% Cocoa
Tasting notes: The taste is at first pleasantly mild-bitter, full & fruity with impressions of candied black fruit. Then come floral & coffee bean notes.
I would heartily agree about the coffee notes!
Verdict: Not sure about the fruit....would have to have some repeat experiences with this bar. Sadly, I don't see it in their web site :(.
PERHAPS if a certain store, ehem,  ,,, Newfoundland Chocolate Company  ... could let me know when it is in stock again..... not sure if I'll be able to survive, but I will some how..
Withdrawal symptoms: always.

Speaking of surviving...I survived another Scout camp. Seems there was an upgrade to the Kybo....

In case you missed it...

I know you're wondering.... yes it worked.... quite well in fact.

Best dollar store investment I ever made, lol.... all you need is a current bush ...

but that's another story...

Thursday, June 8, 2017


so it seems I can't post photos .... so frustrating.

Almost as frustrating as trying to locate chocolate....that I hid REALLY well.

Good news, I found it. Newfoundland chocolate ­čśÇ

Safe and sound. Well, ultra safe now that it's been....tasted.

So next up.... me trying to figure out why this blogger site won't let me access the photos on my iPad...

UPDATE : an app called BLOGO did the trick! Can post photos...and write offline too! Whoohooo!!!