Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Keep it clean

My deepest appologies for the last posting. I know writing about delicious chocolate and Kybos in the same post could be seen as tasteless..... just don't give me too much crap about it ok?

Next up...

Bean: Amazonian Forestero and Trinitario
67% cocoa
Tasting nites: Deeply intense cocoa taste. Fresh hints of tropical fruit.

hmmm, another bar no longer on the web site of https://www.newfoundlandchocolatecompany.com/collections/the-dark-collection
...the sky is certainly falling....

verdict: very intense indeed.
repeat factor: would willingly subject myself to this. Must locate substitute in mean time.

Speaking of substitutions... 2nd best camping idea ever.....

That's right....wooden cutlery. No need to wash. Lego teen thinks we could use these at home. Was he refering to the campfire?

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