Thursday, June 15, 2017

wrong answer

The world is definitely coming to an end. 
Total chaos is just around the corner. 
Life has lost its meaning.... 

I mean could they!?! Yes you know who you are
newfoundland chocolate company

Origin: Ghana
Bean: Forestero & Criollo
Cocoa 42%
Tasting notes: Bold & distinctive with an aroma of HAZELNUTS. Caramel, butter & honey undertones.

Obviously I had to resort to alternative measures... being only able to smell it.

Teen Minifig was my first tester... his reply ( he reached for a second piece)
"Mmmm that's good"

WRONG Answer.

Hubby was the second tester.
" mmmm, thats good....very smooth. "

WRONG answer.

They should know better by now.

I should just go hide in a closet. 
Preferably one that houses EDIBLE Chocolate.

Well, on the bright side, at least the sky didn't fall.... today

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