Monday, April 29, 2013

Not for me

Monday April 29, 2013

Well, sometimes I do follow the rules..... another Mill Hill... with no inspirational changes :)

I have no idea what possessed me when I bought this kit.

I don't drink coffee.
I've tasted it, but never actually even had a cup of it, ever.
The only way I like it is 

I think my Austrian parents probably adopted me too.

It's kind of  funny that I don't like
coffee ... 
beer ...even hate the smell of it

Well, I've learned to tolerate the sauerkraut over time.. only because I understand 
there's lots of good in eating it.

Don't get me wrong - it's not because of the caffeine.
I do like green tea.

And chocolate.
Of course.

Back to the coffee stitching.
I have no idea why I stitched it.
Must be the beads.

I guess for now it'll be added to the box of completed projects.
My handiwork always has a way of  finding it's way to the right owner.
It's just not evident right now for this piece.

It is for a few in the box though... seems inspiration struck recently 
but that's another story....


Sunday, April 28, 2013

A night at the museum

Sunday April 28, 2013

Well it's been a pretty good weekend. Spent Friday night at the Bradley Museum with our Cub group. There was some interesting needlework displayed as well...

The ladies from the museum wore period costumes
and explained all about the process of turning wool into yarn,
and  the different dyes they used.

A table loom 
They used scrap pieces of fabric to weave with - nothing went to waste.
There are demonstrations of this so I'll have to go back another time.
I have a loom, but have not used it yet.
Yep, another hobby.

A small patchwork piece... so colourful

What a nice verse at the front door of the house

I had delusions of having time to stitch...  I actually brought some stitching.
(Quit laughing, yes I know , it was a cub sleepover at a museum.)
The light was not really that great at night.
Note to self: next time don't pack the 40 count over-one,
and add the Ott Light to my packing list.

There was a mystery game for the kids.... any idea what these tools are?

We were surrounded by woods... and of course there was some wildlife

The kids made bannock and 3 Sister Soup.
They had fun preparing it.
In the traditional way of the pioneers,
it was cooked over an open hearth.

Quite yummy... 
although most of the kids barely tried it,
might have had something to do with all those veggies.

Saturday night we finally got to celebrate our anniversary...

Speaking of needlework...

another Mill Hill :)

Angle view so you can see the 3D effect...

According to the kit, the needles and thimble were supposed to be stitched.
Yep I broke the rules again. Had an inspiration.
I decided to add a thimble and sewing needle buttons, 
 some flower crystals for the pin heads,
and shiny rayon for the 'thread' on the needle.
I think I may turn this into a name tag.
That or add it to my box of finishes....

Still wondering about those mystery tools?
Butter squeezer, Funnel, Ruffle iron.
(No it was not a finger poker.)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Saturday April 27, 2013

It seems like just yesterday....

After 22 years

Still in love


Thursday, April 25, 2013

My wee Willy Wonka

Thursday April 25, 2013

I love my son. 
Just thought I'd make that clear. 

Some days more than others.

Today more so.

On the way to school he asks
 "Mom, if you could have your dream job what would it be?"


So I reply "A tennis pro with a cross stitch store." 

So then I asked what his would be.

"I'd love to own a chocolate factory."

To which I reply 
" Would you hire me?"

"Of course!"

Wonder what my job description would be....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Wednesday April 24, 2013

So just how long can spring hold out on us?

baaad baaad winter....

Here's a Spring Lamb to shoo you away!

Another Mill Hill kit 
I decided to stitch it on fabric

Twigy inspired me
to make this little lamb into a stuffy too :)

Had to stitch the back as well, 
so I scanned and flipped the pattern for the back

here's the before

and after - back 

side view

That's 32 stitchy finishes for the year so far.. 
not baaaaad  ;)

An inspiration recently hit me.
Has to do with some stitched pieces that are in a box
Just need an inspiration before this Saturday though....
maybe it'll come to me over in candy crush land.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Photo transfer

Monday April 22, 2013

Tonight I was able to go to a guild meeting at  

For this anniversary year, we decided to work on a collaborative project. Everyone has a photo that somehow represents the place. There were all sorts of images.. flowers, the barn, even of the place being rebuilt. So what did I randomly get?

(Sorry for the lighting)

A cat.
OK, it's a nice photo. There's quite a few wild cats around the place.
I get it.

It's just kind of funny - cats are one of my worst allergies.

Ok -  back to the project. 
In short, the photo was printed on paper, 
and then transferred to fabric with a quilt backing.

Quite a neat process - with so much potential.
I'm thinking Father's /Mother's Day  Tshirts.. pillows...
gifts for friends...

So we are now supposed to embellish it with stitching.
We can even get creative.
Maybe they shouldn't have told me that part.

Oh, I have plans for you dear kitty...

That's in between my doses of candy crushing mania....
The offer of "will trade lariats for unending lives"
does not seem to be working...  

So this coming Saturday is a rather special day.
Look what arrived this weekend.


Or maybe he was just showing me how much he missed me the previous weekend?

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Saturday April 20, 2013

Well it's been a beady time here at Bearville...
I have to mention this was the first time I had ever made any of this beaded jewelry :)

In honour of winter that just won't leave, I made a snowflake....

Took me 3 tries, but I finally did it!

 And then I got hooked on making a few bracelets....

.. reminds me of  Sunshine :)

I so love the colour of these beads
I had to make 3 of them...

They're about 7" long
Had to make one for myself too!

And tonight I finished my first lariat
It's about 22" long


love the big focal beads.

Oh and ...

a honey pot for the bears :)

Speaking of chocolate...

I now know why my son was so eager to clean up his room.
 ... he found a chocolate eggy....

hidden in the depths of his mess.

Wonder how that got there....

seems EasterBear may have hidden a few incentives.

That's one tidy room.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bears gone wild....

Wednesday April 17, 2013

Once upon a time there was a little bear... ok maybe not so little. 
Let's just call her Sunshine.

Sunshine led a happy life and was content. 

Of course she didn't know any better. 
Otherwise she would have kicked off her shoes a long time ago
 and questioned as to why the heck would she need clothes when she had a fur coat?

Of course this wee innocent bear had no idea she led quite the innocent sheltered life .. 

until she met some new friends... 

They seemed rather an innocent pair.

Curious about things...

Had great taste 

Had dreams...

Seemed to hang around with a good crowd...

A few spats now and then 

(with good cause I think)

Had a slight love for anything chocolaty
and were willing to share with her

Heck they even taught her things...
Like how to HIDE the chocolate

in plain view.

It may look like chocolate they told her... 

gag me with a spoon.... veggies!

All seemed so perfect.... 
what great new pals Sunshine had made...

She really felt part of the hug.

Then there was that one evening where she was invited out ...
Let's have some fun she was told.

Oh you don't need to tell anyone where you're going....

especially not momma bear..

She was so trusting.
So innocent.

First they suggested she visit the local spa to get all gussied up...

Then they said she really needed a bit of a trim...

And a new look with earrings and a head band

Sunshine felt so good.
But she was a little hungry and thirsty, 

so they brought out the  


Things started to get a little out of hand...

Sunshine had no idea that Beer-of-the-Root
would bring on a very serious case of the munchies...

She wanted to eat everything in sight...

It looked like chocolate she thought...

She even raided the fridge as she now had become addicted to the

That's when things really started to go bearwire.

How could they know that Sunshine had never ever tasted
Beer-of-the-Root before?

Sunshine was out of control...

She kicked off her shoes and really let loose.

The rest of the evening was all a blurr.

Later the next day...
In a state of utter chocolaty delirium...

Momma bear found her safe and sound in bed again.

They all tried to make amends for their wild party night

by helping out a local stitcher....

Not sure how well that went...

But there are certainly plans for a reunion.