Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Photo transfer

Monday April 22, 2013

Tonight I was able to go to a guild meeting at  

For this anniversary year, we decided to work on a collaborative project. Everyone has a photo that somehow represents the place. There were all sorts of images.. flowers, the barn, even of the place being rebuilt. So what did I randomly get?

(Sorry for the lighting)

A cat.
OK, it's a nice photo. There's quite a few wild cats around the place.
I get it.

It's just kind of funny - cats are one of my worst allergies.

Ok -  back to the project. 
In short, the photo was printed on paper, 
and then transferred to fabric with a quilt backing.

Quite a neat process - with so much potential.
I'm thinking Father's /Mother's Day  Tshirts.. pillows...
gifts for friends...

So we are now supposed to embellish it with stitching.
We can even get creative.
Maybe they shouldn't have told me that part.

Oh, I have plans for you dear kitty...

That's in between my doses of candy crushing mania....
The offer of "will trade lariats for unending lives"
does not seem to be working...  

So this coming Saturday is a rather special day.
Look what arrived this weekend.


Or maybe he was just showing me how much he missed me the previous weekend?

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Nicole M said...

hmm i didn't realize the lariat offer was for real. Can't wait to hear about the t-shirt idea. It sounds fantastic !