Friday, April 5, 2013


Friday April 5, 2013

Well dear son is on a mission. He wants to complete ALL the Awards form the Cub Scout program before he moves up to Scouts. So tonight he made a presentation about Terry Fox and we watched a video about this Canadian Hero. What an inspiration he was and still is. Years ago, I recall on a Rover trip up to a Moot in Thunder Bay, we stopped at the site that marked where Terry Fox had to end his journey. I hope to someday soon travel up there again with James.


Maybe I can inspire Spring to get a move on!

Love the name of the kit too

Daisy Dream

Hopefully those daisies will awaken soon and stop dreaming.

I think I'm inspired to check off something
in a cub book.

I have this feeling I may be checking off a few more things this weekend.

Perhaps I should go check on some chocolate.
Very inspiring thought,
when it sits unattended on the table,
and everyone else is asleep.



Shebafudge said...

Daisy Dreams is very pretty.

Your son's talk sounds like it was interesting. I will have to look up Terry Fox for more information. It's not a name I'm familiar with.

mybearsnme said...

Thanks! Yes do look him up - pure inspiration :)