Monday, April 8, 2013

The point is....

Monday April 8, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a girl. 
This girl was an avid stitcher. 
She even had a small stitching kit in her purse at all times. 

OK, so maybe she was a bit addicted
 to stitching, 
amongst other things. 
Just a few other things.
Maybe chocolate, 
or a certain addictive crushing candy game 
which has brought out a competitive streak and taken her away from stitching and she has this theory that all those free lives people are sending her are really a conspiracy to take her away from her phenomenally lightning fast stitching abilities 
because they might secretly wish they could complete as many projects as she can. 

 I digress.

So back to the girl. She didn't mind having to wait at appointments for her hubby. 
Nope, not if she could stitch. 
Yes sureeee, bob is not my uncle, need 5 more minutes, no problem.
You see there was the kit in her purse.

So today, she had to wait for a certain son.
She pulls out the kit
in her purse of course,
and as she takes out the contents,
she suddenly recalls
having to wait at yet another appointment 
only days before
but that time, she had brought ANOTHER project.
Oh a lovely stitching kit too.
Only in haste, she forgot to include a needle in that one.
No problem.
Said kit in purse ALWAYS has a needle.
I'll just borrow it from there.

Today, said girl 
with the kit that is always in her purse 
had to sit for an hour with only floss and fabric to fondle.
The thought of being only a few minutes between home or Gitta's did not help either.
 I couldn't leave.


Lesson learned.
Always carry extra needles. No excuses.
That or try to remember what you do.

I'm living up to my Hathi name in Cub Scouts.

 I did get some stitching done last night.

This is 'Twigy'

and the back...

I think the cutest bird ever, 
except for my Kiwi of course.

The kit is by TLC Designs and is called "Stilts, a front and back kit"
It's meant to be all stitched- 
but I changed and added beads instead of stitched legs 
and beads in the body 
and decided to make it into a stuffy. 

I love the long legs and tuft of feathery hair on top.

It was a challenge to sew it up since it's quite small, 
and am quite thrilled how it turned out.
Maybe this will inspire me to do the finishing on my other completed stitching projects.

That darn candy game keeps side tracking me though...

Tonight we baked some cookies...

Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies...mmmmm
How can you not LOVE it when there's a bear on the label?

Delicious bedtime snack.

Ahhh bedtime.
That time when your son says he'll clean up his room.

The art of delay has been perfected.

And I was born yesterday.

Well, I better go stock the car with needles.
There is a reason why there's an extra pair of tennis shoes in my car all the time.
But that's another story...


Christine said...

How irritating! Bet you've got dozens of needles in your bag now.
That little bird is adorable.
I think you might have hit the nail on the head with the candy crushing game, it sucks time away from my stitching too

Shebafudge said...

How annoying not to have a needle...grr.

What an absolutely adorable little finish. That must be the cutest thing ever.