Sunday, April 28, 2013

A night at the museum

Sunday April 28, 2013

Well it's been a pretty good weekend. Spent Friday night at the Bradley Museum with our Cub group. There was some interesting needlework displayed as well...

The ladies from the museum wore period costumes
and explained all about the process of turning wool into yarn,
and  the different dyes they used.

A table loom 
They used scrap pieces of fabric to weave with - nothing went to waste.
There are demonstrations of this so I'll have to go back another time.
I have a loom, but have not used it yet.
Yep, another hobby.

A small patchwork piece... so colourful

What a nice verse at the front door of the house

I had delusions of having time to stitch...  I actually brought some stitching.
(Quit laughing, yes I know , it was a cub sleepover at a museum.)
The light was not really that great at night.
Note to self: next time don't pack the 40 count over-one,
and add the Ott Light to my packing list.

There was a mystery game for the kids.... any idea what these tools are?

We were surrounded by woods... and of course there was some wildlife

The kids made bannock and 3 Sister Soup.
They had fun preparing it.
In the traditional way of the pioneers,
it was cooked over an open hearth.

Quite yummy... 
although most of the kids barely tried it,
might have had something to do with all those veggies.

Saturday night we finally got to celebrate our anniversary...

Speaking of needlework...

another Mill Hill :)

Angle view so you can see the 3D effect...

According to the kit, the needles and thimble were supposed to be stitched.
Yep I broke the rules again. Had an inspiration.
I decided to add a thimble and sewing needle buttons, 
 some flower crystals for the pin heads,
and shiny rayon for the 'thread' on the needle.
I think I may turn this into a name tag.
That or add it to my box of finishes....

Still wondering about those mystery tools?
Butter squeezer, Funnel, Ruffle iron.
(No it was not a finger poker.)

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