Monday, April 1, 2013

What a hoot

Monday April 1, 2013

So last year I played a number of April Fools day pranks on my son. 
I switched many of his clothes drawers. 
I sewed the bottom cuffs of his pant legs together. 

So, what to do this year. 
I did a search a found some really fun things I could do.

Seeing as we do the Easter Egg hunt on the Monday, I decided to just hide the wee eggies.... 
reallly well. 
 75 to be precise. 
As of this evening he still hasn't found about 10 of them. 

I suggested to him that in order to find the remaining, 
which were probably in his room
he'd be best off doing a thorough cleaning up of his room. 

It kinda worked.

I figure he'll stumble upon the remaining ones
sooner or later.
Either that or mom will have to interfere again.

I had an inspiring idea with some candy he received from my mom.
Licorice laces.
Wouldn't they be awesome for the cubs to practice knot work with!
No need to undo any mistakes either.

I should do a test run first though.

James made me something :)

Isn't that sweet.
He said it's an early mother's day gift.

I finished another Mill Hill.

Hooty the Owl
I added sparkly Kreinik to the moon and the stars.

Kind of describes me... a night owl.
I bet you're probably wondering...
why am I posting this so early, and not near midnight?

I think that may be the end of my winged creatures.
Butterflies, ladybug, owl, dragonflies, duck...

Off to start a new theme.

that's another story...

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