Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the BIG reveal

Wednesday May 8, 2013

Whooo hooo! A new card reader!!! So now I can finally share with you the BIG project....

I assembled it and even made the cord  with a tassel for it.
Quite pleased how it turned out :)

Here's a close-up of the cord...

I can hear you thinking - that's not so big!

Nope... but it's actually an accessory...

A scissor fob for some BIG scissors...

Yep... that's a 12" ruler :)

So you see - it's a giant scissor fob!
A birthday present for a great gal ... who just might have a collection of scissors,
but certainly none like this one.
I think she liked it :)

Wonder what the scissor keep might look like...
and maybe there should be a giant biscornu to match.
(By all means -  go for it- don't let me stop you now!)

Wonder what the needle to match the set might look like.
oh - and then you'd need a nice piece of large fabric too.
and a matching giant skein of floss...
silk please!
(and a giant wallet too)

The birthday gal bought herself a mighty big bag 
at Gitta's today
A gorgeous stitchy bag
A bag I had been drooling over, by the way
(and in my colours too, by the way...)
Not big enough for these scissors though.
Maybe not even big enough for her scissor collection either for that matter...
I reminded her that my birthday was coming up.
Ok, it's in January....
It's always coming up - once it's past, lol.

So the one of a kind giant scissors with scissor fob found a new home.
So did that nice bag too.

Wonder if she'd trade it for some chocolate...

Oh wait, I already gave her some of that too....

off to find a tempting trade for my bag....


I think I know...hehehe

but that's another story


Patty C. said...

Beautiful ;)

EvalinaMaria said...

Very nice fob. So, who is the birthday girl?