Tuesday, May 28, 2013

not what you'd expect...

Monday May 27, 2013

It was an interesting weekend.

Saturday evening tried to go see the new Star Trek movie.
I have never seen it so busy at the theatre.
The cars were overflowing and parking on the side streets.

We opted to go to a desert place across the street called Spin.
I was treated to some chocolaty overloaded goodness. 

Godiva chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream.
It was a very good alternative and I got to catch up with a good friend.
May need to go back just to ensure it really was that good....
I mean the cake - the friend I already know is good,
and she has been since grade 3
: )

I spent part of the weekend working on my guild assignment. The kitty. Remember that one? I wrote about it  in my April 22 post. Well, it was due this evening... guess what I was working on until about 10 minutes before I had to leave..

 Yes, the photo transfer I got a month ago....I was supposed to embellish it somehow. For the guild's anniversary display. Leave it to me to work on it at the last minute.

So here's the before:

And after I did some work on it:

I got a bit creative and  incorporated some twigs , which I picked up from the Joshua Creek property.

a bit closer...

even closer... 
now you can see some of the stitches.
I stitched around the cat, to make it look like fur,
accented the eyes

and of course had to stitch that nose!
It really was that pink in the photo to start with.

I added nylon thread for the whiskers

of course I had to add beads for the berries

some of the beaded berries I attached to the twigs...
this proved challenging to say the least.

 Must say I have never stitched on a photo transfer or included real wood in a stitched creation.
It was fun and a learning experience. I love getting creative.
I was the only one who used more than just thread.
Well, they did tell me I could do anything with it....

Sunday I noticed that my blog entry for Saturday wasn't posted. I posted it and somehow it date stamped it for Saturday. 

When I tried looking at my photos yesterday....I found out somehow the card was wiped of anything on it. I have no idea how this happened.  I never pushed anything since I last used it and nobody else had touched my camera.... Yikes.

I had only backed up my photos since November last year.
Double yikes ....I felt like crying. 

Fortunately, I found a card recovery program online called Cardrecovery - and got ALL my photos back. Yipee!!

Yes I have learned a lesson - back photos up more often! lol

Tonight at the guild we watched a movie about some of the guild members...and their secret life as biker chicks......not only are they all inspirational and superb artists....

who would have guessed.....

a wild and crazy bunch ...  

guess that's why I feel like I fit in.

So there may be a little bit of a race going on at home...
oh, maybe more than just one race...

but that's another story...


Astrids dragon said...

Can't say I've ever seen a picture finished like that, I like it, very original!

That cake looks dangerously good.

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Suzzanne Walsh said...

I love your embellishments!