Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mighty Small... Mighty big

Thursday May 2, 2013

Can you believe it  - it's May!! And the weather has been gorgeous this week!
Not even a jacket today :)

Had a guild meeting and we made paper ort boxes.
(Ort containers are for placing the snipped off threads)



It's made out of wallpaper - but you could use any thick paper.
A little glue holds the bottom flap closed... 
ah yes .. 
Me and the glue... 
I would have prefered a glue stick.
I won't go into detail about the bottle of craft glue
Suffice it say... I touched it 
(At the same time the gal next to me saying - it's cracked!)
 and it ooozed all over the place.

OK.. I think I got it.
Maybe it was just a little too excited by my touch....


But wait! There's more!
It folds flat!

How cool is that!
Small and flat - Perfect for traveling. 
and packing Light.
(It's a start!!!)

Could also be used to hold other things like money...
Wondering if I can make one out of fabric.

Someone brought in a few miniatures...

I can't believe how small that bear is!
sooooo cute :)

Wouldn't this make a nice Mother's Day gift???

And some beautiful stitching....

Yes... it's miniature too
(But not made by me)

Incredible... and inspiring.

We had our annual Scouting Banquet - there was LOTS of food
(yes even chocolaty cupcakes)
My son earned 
his 6th award badge
and a plaque for earning all 6 stars!

He did a lot of work to earn this.
 So proud of my son 


I'd say that's a mighty big achievement

Speaking of big... I better get cracking on a celebratory gift...
It's BIG...
really BIG

but that's another story...

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