Friday, May 24, 2013

Time for ga ga

Friday May 24, 2013

No Scout camp would be complete without some fun activities. This camp had it in spades!

Well, maybe small tomahawks... and chainsaws...and ropes.... and fire. ...oh, and guns of course!

I mean what is a Scout camp without some ..... excitement..

Just some of the activities:

 paintball targets

The bushes behind them were much too plain green before then.

Obstacle course

I raced my son.
Guess who won?

Let's just say I can get tad competitive.

ok, so I let him try it out a few times before we raced.

Wonder what this is...

Chainsaw carver was awesome

Too much noise?

He carved two eagle heads.
The top two racers on the obstacle course won them.

This is one of the walking sticks he has made


more on that contraption...

It's getting there...

Climbing wall.

After the high ropes outing last fall,
I didn't venture up that one.

oh - look- it's finished!

A pioneering Ferris Wheel.
Everything held together with ropes
only metal pieces were at the centre of the wheel

A big hit with the kids.... and adults :)

Yes I was very trusting.
Besides, numerous others had already tried it.
Notice the helmets?

So you're probably wondering about the ga ga?

It's sort of like a contained dodge ball
but you can't catch the ball

Why is it called ga ga?
Because you start the game by letting the ball bounce
three times
each time calling 

I bet you knew that already.

The camp even had a small lake.
Some of Scouts fished.
Most of them used the paddleboats.

a beach?

sadly no...
only for horseshoes

Well the kids certainly had a blast.
I know they loved the whole weekend.

Oh.... the weather?
....And I did mention there was fire?

But the bigger question remains
was there chocolate?

that's another story.

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