Saturday, November 1, 2014

Parrots gone wild....

Oh I know this is a wee bit late.... 
but I was busy dealing with some mischievous parrots at work this week....

really.. I had nothing to do with this....

Polly - not you too?!?!

sigh.... gotta love the new 'do'

what was all the sqwaking about... oh yeah... maybe these treats?

meanwhile at home ....
word got out to a certain feathery child
that there are birdie treats

 I had to do some treat baking for Kiwi

that's one patient quaker!

All done

mmmm..... thanks mummy!

...and then there were MY treats

oh yeah....

I have the nicest visitors at work!

... in case you're wondering - I work at a parrot supply store
no- there are no real birdies... 
but we do have anything a parrot could ever dream of 

... if you're in the area - drop in and say hi, 
  heck, a sqwaaaaaak is nice too
or a chirp

but please don't dress up any real birds


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