Friday, February 8, 2013

PJ day

Friday February 8, 2013

Today was a snowed-in-PJ-tea-chocolate-stew-stitchy day. Not necessarily in that order.

Pondering a few things... like where oh where did my darling son get his stubborn streak from? Like trying to get him to put cream on his super dry skin today. Suddenly he has to be able to rub his eyes...

His stubbornness?.... certainly not from MOI....


Sadly, every time I have cake, other people are around.

I always do what I'm told. Today I told myself I did not need to go out and shovel the mounds of snow.
And I also must stitch up a storm today. So I was a good girl and did so....Boy there's lots of snow out there....

I also told myself I didn't need to bring in the laundry.

My son decided finally to go outside... 
The girl next door was out. She's french and such a cutie.

Wonder if it's a french thing to hide out in the bushes... 
almost look likes she's squatting on a potty though.

Speaking of neighbors... three of them have snow blowers.

My driveway is still untouched.
Maybe I needed to stand out on the porch and look miserable.
Or maybe glare at them through their living room window.
But that would require me to get dressed. I already told myself I had to stay in pj's today.

C'est la vie.

I'm sure plenty of people were stuck at home today.. or maybe stuck somewhere else..maybe a few might be bored ..a thought crossed my mind... November 8 might be an interesting day ;)

.. but that'll be another story...

~ ~ ~ 
I'm somewhat following a theme-along 
challenge I found on the WWFC blog
... but that's another story :)


P.J. said...

This reminds me of Nicky's post from earlier in this challenge.

The snow!! The snow!!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Your day sounds pretty wonderful to me, especially the bit about eating cake and not shovelling.

Ziva said...

I love snow, and yours is looking extra loveable. :)

Katherine said...

OH MAN.... we just got rain!!!

I love love LOVE the "Mom told me not to touch it." That is ONE SMART KID!

KZ said...

I've never had the opportunity to enjoy a lazy snow day. Snow is a mythical thing where I'm from.

Despite the cold, your day sounded very inviting.