Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sunday February 24, 2013

Today seemed rather surreal.... one of those days that you are just glad it's over.

Funerals are so surreal.

Friends that you find out have years of connections 
to family that you never even knew about.

Long lost relatives that come out of the wood work... 
some you hope return to oblivion.

Old friendships that you missed are revived.

Conversations and memories ...
that seem just like yesterday.

A day to cry and laugh.
To celebrate a life.

My father-in-law's initial's were on the car outside the funeral home.

This made me smile.
So did my friends.

Yesterday there were a few posts from peeps who shockingly
don't know what an Ort box is... 
but interestingly enough really want one. 
(I am so the trend setter....hmmm... what should I want

 There might have been the fleeting thought of
keeping the use of said mysterious contraption a secret ... 
but then I realized I may just cause utter chaos... 
sleepless nights... 
a run on the lumber mill for little round wooden logs.... 
mass hysteria at the local craft shops...
wood turners being flooded with calls...

which in some way might cause the potential of world-wide shortages of chocolate... 

Everything is always connected to chocolate.

Well, you never know... 
I best go stock up anyway. 

Oh, you'll be doing that too, only because I said so... 
and I'm a trend-setter.

This is what the inside of the one I posted yesterday looks like.

An Ort box is a container stitchers use to place snippets of thread.... kind of like orphaned threads.

Confucius say that if everyone wants what you want, 
you should want 
and Ort Boxes. 

...maybe not necessarily in that order.
But it's all connected.

So, can I have it all? 

... well, that's another story...

~ ~ ~ 
Wow, only 5 days left for the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge   on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story too :)


Ziva said...

Does this mean MikeWJ will have to take up stitching if he wants to get an Ort box? ;)

nickyf said...

I would leave a comment, but I must run out and stock up on chocolate to avert the crisis. I'm sure you understand. :-)