Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The day I met Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday February 12, 2013

The world is an amazing place. Another day of discoveries.

First I get an email. From a Friend. Well, he said he was, even though I'd never heard from him before, but who am I to argue....  apparently there has been a mistake! I am not really the original contractor/beneficiary of the said contract funds because I did not do any contract there with Nigeria government. But if I keep it all hush hush I can still receive the funds, he won't report me to the Mod Squad, and further more he expects nothing but my sincere truth and co-operation. Well, at least this time they didn't ask me for my first born and my bank account. I should write him back and tell him about the time I met Abraham Lincoln in Nigeria. He did ask for the truth now didn't he? 

My friends are keeping secrets from me... again

Apparently it's a cross stitch pattern by Heaven And Earth Designs. By the way, I will still accept birthday presents for the next 11 months. I am so milking this one this year, lol....

I had no idea that someone wrote a book about me.

Desperately needed some chocolate therapy today. That can happen when you take your child to the dentist.
Yeah, best place in the wolrd to eat sweets... right in front of your child as he's in the chair.... I am so a glutton for pain.... or maybe it's the ultimate parenting tool. Sweetie-pie, see what happens if  you don't hand over all the chocolate to mommy when she's PMS-ing?

They want to take a picture of my son, so she says"smile"... and he forces this really weird.. ok the best I can describe it is, never-have-I-ever-seen-him-smile-like-this-before-stretched-half-open-mouth-sort-of-frown.... it really reminded me of Wallace & Gromit... I think the assistant taking notes was about to roll on the floor....

Oh, if  only I had my camera there. There are some moments you know you are just going to relish when he brings home his first girlfriend... ok, let's not think about that quite yet.

Tonight I got both chocolate and stitch therapy..

Ahhh...    ...Mill Hill.... the month of February exudes it. Great antidotes when what you really feel like doing is screaming and shaking some common sense into some people.

And I'm not talking about my son ... but that's another story...


Ziva said...

Hah, you ate chocolate in front of your son as he was at the dentist? I love it.

KZ said...

Why is it always Nigeria? Surely scammers originate from other places other than Nigeria.

Some days, chocolate therapy is all you need to set things right.

Nicole M said...

really, there is really and truly a book about chocolate ? how is that possible that i didn't know about it. You mean its not in my library already ? Aaaah its going to be my birthday present right ?!?!