Sunday, February 17, 2013

Music for the soul

Saturday February 16, 2013

It's been really interesting with my son discovering all these 'new' tunes on the retro radio station he loves to listen to. It's really cute when he tries to sing the lyrics of a song. His favourite seems to change every few days, probably when he hears and even better one.

Today it was: "Dad, they're playing  'Go for a Soda' ! Wanna come and listen?"

Yesterday: "Mom, can you guess the tune that I'm whistling?" and proceeded to whistle between his teeth.
uh-huh, yup.....certainly does sound like that tune son! (I had no clue what it was)

The music he listens to is what I love.... what I grew up with in the 70's ...80's.

Music can bring back such powerful memories.

 I spent the evening at the hospital sitting with my father-in-law. Mostly held his hand when he woke on and off.

I asked my husband what kind of music his dad loved the most. Show tunes. Of course! I will always be grateful and have fond memories of all the musicals my husband and I saw - thanks to his dad.

I had a thought of maybe humming or even singing for his dad while I was there..... Seeing that my professional debut had already been made in the Retirement home 2 weeks prior, I figured I was a pro now. But sitting there I realized that silence, a smile and squeeze of the hand is indeed music for the heart... and the soul.

Well, technically it's already Sunday when I'm posting this.  As I left his room tonight, I noticed a piano in the common area. Maybe tomorrow... or rather later today, during the daytime....but that's another story....

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amazingly, I'm STILL somewhat following a theme-along 
challenge I found on the WWFC blog
... but that's another story :)

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P.J. said...

What you describe can definitely be music for the soul. Nice writing here.