Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little things

Tuesday February 19, 2013

 Sometimes you know it's's just the waiting part that's the hardest.

You try to distract yourself and keep busy. 
Like whacking the bejeebers out on a tennis ball. Great way to get out some frustrations and anger. 

Running a few small errands.

Maybe some cleaning, laundry....
(Speak for yourself .. or better yet, you're welcome to come and do mine).
naaaa.. it can wait

Getting a birthday present done well in advance.... instead of the night before.

Yes another Mill Hill :)
It has silk flowers on it too.
This was one of the first Mill Hill kits I bought - from 1994!

 Heck, now I'm 17 days ahead of schedule!
Made this for my mom - but I don't think I'll wait until her birthday.

But they're all really just little things. 

Spending time with your friends and loved ones.
Now that's a gift that's priceless.

And not so little.

~ ~ ~ 
well, whilst waiting, I'm somewhat following a theme-along challenge I found on the WWFC blog  ... but that's another story :)


P.J. said...

I liked this. Nice writing. Especially for using "bejeebers." :D

KZ said...

I never knew so many things in life could be related to arts and crafts before I started visiting your blog.

Ziva said...

Spending time with friends and loved ones really is a priceless gift. :)