Friday, February 1, 2013

these boots are made for walking....

Thursday January 31, 2013

Sometimes RAKs are planned. Other times they land blatantly in your path. Like these boots.

I'll get back to them shortly.

First, I'd like to share this story... sorry, I don't know where it came from.

Did you know our shoes have a message for us? Each shoe has a sole, just as we do. The sole on the shoe is tough and can take a lot of abuse as our souls should. Also, the sole is flexible and the very foundation of the whole shoe, just as our soul should be the very foundation or base of our lives.
At the end of the sole on the shoe, there is a reminder for us... a heel. It should remind us not to be a heel with the people with whom we work, play and worship or associate.
The top of the shoe, the color and finish tells us something too. There are black shoes, brown shoes, red, yellow and white ones too, and they all walk down the same streets, paths and walks of life. So, too, we are reminded of the black, brown, red, yellow and white people, and we should all walk side by side down the paths of life. Some shoes have a rough finish, as some shoes are shiny and highly polished, just as some people we know.
No matter how we find the finish of the shoe or the people we meet, we must remember we're all God's children... and we can get along together.
The shoe has one tongue and it serves a purpose. We have one and I hope it serves a purpose... not for gossip and slander.
The shoe has many eyes, but yet it cannot see. We have only two eyes and I hope that we use them to see all we can and should.
The shoe laces that hang down tell us that even our lives can have loose ends too. The shoe strings, to be beneficial, have to be tied... so our lives need to have the loose ends tied together.
When I put my shoes on only one size fits, and we should remember to always wear the shoe that fits, and not try to wear another's shoes. When the shoe is on, it's comfortable when worn ... just as we should fit in with people we work with.
As this shoe is put on, we must remember that it never walks alone, so, too, we never walk alone through life; there is always another to walk with us... one greater, more powerful, who always goes with us and comforts and consoles us.

I really like that story.

Now, back to the boots in the photo above.

I was in a Naturalizer store today. Why you may ask.
Well, it's the gift certificate they sent me for my 
"birthday month". 
(See, it's slowly working and soon the rest of the world will get on board.) 
When you sign up for their club, they send you a $15 gift certificate 
to be used during your 
"birthday month".
  (I should copyright that phrase.. what a trend setter I am)
And of course I leave it until the last day. I was not alone in my procrastination.
They have a great sale going on right now - I scored 2 pairs to replace some badly worn out ones.

While at the cash, the clerk mentions that a customer threw out a pair of 
perfectly good boots 
- would I like them? 
I didn't know what to say and he proceeds to dump them into a garbage container.
Seriously???.... who would be so wasteful?? 
The souls were barely even worn, nearly new.
My first thought was RAK!
Tomorrow I will be taking them to a shelter.
I know someone there will  appreciate them. 

It kind of makes you wonder
Who will fill those shoes next?
Walk a  mile in someone else's shoes they say...

Today I made a few preparations for some more BRAKS....
My father in law is in the stroke ward at the hospital.
There are some phenomenal nurses there.
But that's another story...


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Lynne said...

Good on you for finding a way to give those boots to someone who will appreciate theM

Love that shoe/life analogy!

Kat said...

Thank you so much for making sure those boots didn't get thrown out. It's nice to see that there are still good people in the world.

Whimsey Creations said...

I love that story and thanks for sharing it.