Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Road trip of life

Monday February 11, 2103

There is good in every day.....  you just need to open your eyes...

or maybe sometimes your mouth.

I wrote a poem....

The Road Trip of Life

Along the road both narrow and wide
Is there some room along the side?
To see the things that pass on by
Sometimes in just the blink of an eye.

A tear, a frown, a laugh or smile,
Is it too much to stay a while
For a friend in need at journey's end
Regrets and sorrows, the time's to mend.

This is the day, it does not last
Still lost or found, this soul shall pass
The decision is made, with heavy heart
Too soon we will forever part.

Through this journey we all go on,
In the blink of an eye, too soon it's gone
The life that we're given is meant to live
To love, 
or hate 
but always, forgive.

~ with loving thoughts of Tom Sr. 
May your passing be peaceful.


Indigo Roth said...

Hey MommaBear! Now, I was doing pretty well with my diet today until I saw those doughnuts (excuse me, "donuts"; I'm a Brit). And yes, I'm a big fan of forgiveness, tho I often need a good rant first ;) Indigo

wilma boer said...

Hugs, my friend...the poem is perfect and special...crying with you...

Katherine said...

To always forgive. AMEN!

KZ said...

That's a lovely poem. It strikes the right tone from the very start, and the ending lines are perfect: "To love, to hate but always, forgive."

Well done. I think you deserve a doughnut for this one.

Suzzanne Walsh said...

Tearily I read your wonderful poem. You have been in my prayers all week as you struggle with saying goodbye.