Saturday, January 3, 2015

some assembly required

I find it interesting and often amusing how separate, unrelated things, when I look back on a day, seem to have a common theme...

 take for instance this belated Christmas gift...

Can't you just tell what it is?

oh, yeah, there seems to be some assembly required....

Not wanting to take up precious stitch time,
 I suggested Legoson could assemble this for me.
hmmm, since he doesn't seem want to go to bed 
(or at least it feels like that to me)
 he might as well stay up and do something useful.

Legoson, just you wait until Monday morning  and back to school 

So , January 2nd, I finished my 2nd project:

Mill HIll kit " Tea Time"
The kit came with a box that you are supposed to mount it on.
I think I'll decorate the box first, and add some embellishments.
So there is still a wee bit of assembly required... 
but I need to wait for the inspiration to hit

2 days, 2 finishes... at this rate I may just make a dent in my stash
in about 10 yrs from now.

hmmm... with all these finishes ,
I better go assemble my wish list
There MAY just be a few Mill Hill kits missing that I need



Shebafudge said...

I have NO idea what the top thing is! Great finish...are you finding the Mill Hill's a tad addictive by any chance???

Bea said...

So, what IS the late gift? Love the finish, looking forward to the finished picture.