Wednesday, January 14, 2015

could it be?

Could it be - another finish?

you bet!

Finish #5 !
Mill Hill Teddy Snow Charmer

Could it be another snowman?
You bet!

Could it be that birds may not be my theme for the month?
welll .. maybe overall for the year.. but I think there are a 'few' snowman that need to be
cleared out first
I'm hoping that will clear out the freezing cold temperatures sooner too.

Could it be
 a few friends seemed to think it was birds that was my theme for the month....
I have no idea where they got that idea from ;)

There's always room to add a birdie on the snowmen :)

I do like snowmen, and birds, and...and...

I was thinking today about what might be my absolute perfect 
pattern to stitch.

So here's the start of the list of what it would need to include:

something Christian
something outdoorsy
all with a touch of humour

Could it be that's asking for too much?

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