Saturday, January 17, 2015

It was just a matter of time

Well, there are lots of things I can handle in life.

Decorating for a birthday boy.. easy

and fun

with maybe a wee, tiny bit of mischief thrown in

Getting up early
and making heart shaped pancakes

Well, not that I am an early bird, but I did it!

Seeing my sweet son turn 13

well, maybe a bit harder.

Now , seeing my dinner go up in flames
was a bit hard

BUT since it was part of the show, 
and there was a slight distance
... not too hard

ok, yes, it was easy
considering someone else was doing the cooking, lol

Seeing a cake that's NOT chocolate??

ok, it was still delicious.. 
and beside my dear sonshine  picked it out

Seeing someone ELSE receive chocolate??

ok, that was indeed tuff.
I might have to pull out the duct tape to restrain myself while he sleeps...
unless of course he failed to count said balls of delectable goodness

He did share, so that softened the blow


I thought THIS would NEVER come.
(wishful thinking at the highest)

THIS is beyond dreadful.

Even worse than 
running   out   of    chocolate.

Yes. That bad!

And it's official.

The door says it all now.

Loud and clear.

And it's one thing I just cannot handle.

I may need to drown my sorrows...


birthday boy is sleeeeeping.

Pleasant dreams 

and a pinch to grow an inch


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Bea said...

Welcome to the "I'm the shortest person in the family" club.