Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just my size

Monday , September 9, 2013

There's chocolate... and then there's chocolate of epic proportions...

That's the Hershey's store in Niagara Falls

ahhh... a giant hand to match

it's the only way I'd get my hands on that chcoclate, lol

yup it's big... sadly not real

but this was

5 pounds of solid goodness

wonder how long that would take me 
maybe I would need to enlist some help

no, it did not follow me home
one can dream...

need to find the sundae to match that

that's one big kiss too

Niagara Falls has some interesting attractions

My son really wanted to go to the mirror maze

It was really fun.
You had to constantly keep your hands out to avoid bumping into a mirror


A few others to me to help me with that 5lb chocolate bar
(hmmm...they look vaguely familiar....)

But how to surprise them with it...
that's another story...

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