Wednesday, September 11, 2013

it's all in the props

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last weekend I went on a church youth retreat. 20 kids. It seems 2 weeks in the summer was not enough.
At least there wasn't 300 of them ;)

It was held up at the Salvation Army camp at Jackson's Point, right on Lake Simcoe.

In between biblical teachings, we had some activities.... canoeing, archery, high ropes..

There were some imaginative games . .... with some interesting props... some challenges...

just how many kids would fit into this... and be able to run an obstacle course

these were lit and had to be put out 
with water guns
sprayed at each other

whipping cream

sprayed on the face ... 

and then tossed cheezies
to see how many could stick

this was the set up for a giant version of
Angry Birds
complete with a giant slingshot that 3 kids had to use

and this was the ammo

A few other challenges... 

Banana Surgery...Peeling a banana with the feet 
breaking it into 4 pieces
and then putting it back together

Building a structure with marshmallows and 
uncooked spaghetti noodles

Making words with Alphabits cereal

Some of the kids would have rather eaten the props

in fact some did know, those reject props

but not the bananas, lol

and then there were the non-props

deep fried cheesecake

oh yeah... it was good.

The kids certainly had fun ....
so did some of the adults

Turns out a few of them are quite competitive.

I'm sure you're all wondering...
Did I get to stitch?
Did I have any finishes?

well, that's another story...

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