Friday, September 13, 2013

44 and counting...

Friday, September 13, 2013

TWO more happy dances this week... in case you were counting.. that's 44 finishes for this year... so far.

I finished some projects that I hadn't stitched on for a while

Popcorn Bear , Vervaco kit

A new name tag for moi

Sweetheart Tree, 28ct linen

Tiny buttons
and a pair of tiny scissors
I loved this one

OK, I admit it...

I just plain love Sweetheart Tree patterns
and Mill Hill
and Lizzie Kate
and ...



nooooo.. say it isn't
Especially the chocolate my aunt brought me from Austria.
Somehow, it doesn't seem to last longer either.

It did feel really good to get some WIPs finished.

Maybe I should finish some more WIP's... 
before starting something new.

All the WIP's ar ein my bag now.

but the Mill Hills are calling me....


what to do what to do...

And then there's the issue of maybe picking a larger project.
Seeing as a few of my stitching buddies seem to think 
smalls don't count...

They're just jealous of my 44 finishes this year.

(Oh, and somehow, they seemed to be OK with them 
when they were received as a birthday gift)

hmmm.... not that I'm competitive.
Nope not me.
My agent should be contacting me any day now 
to tell me I was accepted for the Olympic Speed Stitch Team.

Challenge accepted.

But...what to pick what to pick what to pick

that's another story...

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Shebafudge said...

Gorgeous finishes!

Good luck with your selection for the Olympic speed stitching team! Me? I'm up for the slowest finisher and most WIP's events personally :)