Saturday, September 21, 2013

I has a happy... or two... but ...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Completed level 325
Candy Crush

Also finished another WIP...

Here is part of it...

3 hours of fiddly fuddly creating

But do tell,
do you think it looks like a spoon?

Considering what I used to make it,
not bad....
it's completely made out of Kreinik thread 

So if said creation does look like a spoon,
I have a very happy dance.

Should I re-do it?
Or try to find a real miniature spoon?

Maybe I should ask the Kreinik people.
They seemed impressed with my bee wings :)

Or maybe they have spoon thread?

Maybe I should ponder it some more...
That calls for new tools...

Proof my hubby really does love me

Well, except when it's the Kreinik threads
that distract me.
I've thought of multitasking with them...

well.. that's possibly another story.

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