Monday, September 23, 2013

Imaginative bubble wrap ala Who

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dr. Who has invaded our house. 
My son has been introduced to said TV series via videos 
that managed their way home from the library.

And what does an 11 year old with a wonderfully, fantasticasmical, vivid,  imagination 
get from watching a certain episode?

Let me give you some clues...

Oh the joys of bubble wrap.

That's a Wirrn by the way..
A bug creature that some of the characters turn into.

Oh yeah. 


At 3am 

and ONE tired parent. 

Other parent had no clue as he remained sound asleep. 
Well, that was until said son insisted he needed to crawl into our bed. 
And kept bumping him during the rest of the night.

Perhaps our bedroom is a safe, Wirrn free zone. 
That never occurred to me.
I mean, why should it.
The bubble wrap is always safely locked up in the basement.

Seems said son was awoken by a noise and said he thought he heard a Wirrn. 

I suppose pounding rain might be mistaken for a Wirrn... 
but that never occurred to me. 

I guess my imagination needs some work.

So what has said young son declared he would like to be for Halloween?

A Dalek.

Yup, my imagination needs to go into overdrive now.

To think of ways to redirect that request.

Chocolate will be needed.

Mass amounts I'm sure.
To keep the Wirrn away ya know...

But that's another story


Christine said...

I remember that episode! It was always the autons that creeped me out as a child

Denise SA said...

I was banned from watching Dr Who once in the days of the old black and white series. I am still a fan and so is my grandson

Shebafudge said...

I don't remember that episode, but the old series used to scare me silly!