Sunday, September 1, 2013

Backtracking through summer

Sunday September 1, 2013

September??? Where the heck did the summer go?

Oh wait.....  there was Stratford.... 2 weeks ago we visited a friend there.

oh yeah..... 
everything is made there as well!

A real cocoa pod

chocolate racks in the back

After hours of deliberation... we picked the fudge.

It didn't last long enough - oh yes, it was GOOOOOD...
I may have to go back to test the rest.

Just to make sure it really is that good.

A stop of course in the most famous ice cream shop in town...

No Bieber sightings though. 
oh, but wait... is that a face I see in the ice cream?

This was really neat...

My son really got the water to 'dance' too!

Putting that on my wish list :)
hint hint
(Just in case anyone out there needs a gift  idea for me)
(is that too subtle?) 

Lots of perfect places to relax and have some afternoon tea.
next time I'll plan on bringing some stitching.

My son had fun in a kayak ....

There was a band playing great Latin-style music

Lots of fun , cute summery critters were around

A perfect day in a beautiful town.

I think I'll stay in summer mode for a few more blogs at least.

Even though I've been humming that 

back to school tune...

It's the most 


time ,

of the year ....

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