Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unexpected happiness

whoo hoo ---> 331<---- page views to my September 22 'ABC' blog  -- wowzy!

Little things, especially those that you weren't expecting, can make you so happy...

Here's a few from today...

Unexpected treat

and then there was this...

The world's best stitching store had it in stock.

Perfect .
 Oh, you know for those times when you go from one project 
where you stitch with 
TWO threads...
to a project where you are supposed to 
only use ONE thread.

This may only be realized when one suddenly run out of a colour.
One of the last colours needed, by the way.
Which also has delayed my happy dance.

and then there were these...

Unexpected perfect amount
in the perfect colour
(and I already had them - unexpected bonus)
so tomorrow I just mayyyy
be doing a happyyyyy dance....

oh yeah.... of course there was this...

Completely unexpected find,
especially when you were only looking for floss ;)

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Shebafudge said...

Those cookies look delicious!