Monday, September 2, 2013

Stitchers with many talents

Monday September 2, 2013

Ahhh summer.... I refuse to leave thee....

There were some lazy days spent at a friend's cottage. But before that was a stop in Brighton at

Knowledge and Needles  

It was their annual stitch-in day with pot luck. We arrived in the morning and stayed until after dinner.
Many stitchers brought samples of their finished projects.

(My apologies, I don't know who stitched what...)

Beautiful maple leaves, same patter, each stitched differently.
All gorgeous.

On this wall was my wee corner of stitchery,...
five projects 

What a cutie patootie...

I was really impressed with this original creation,
- a poem learnt when the stitcher was a child

A stunning mat to go with the stitching
The mat is actually fabric covering the mat board.
What a fabulous idea!

More tables full of goodness

(I had 3 more projects on this table... can you spot them?)

Love the variety of finishes!

Very inspiring work

I love how these were finished 

More utter cuteness 

A stunning piece... looks like a photograph 

These are so cute.  

It was a full house that day
with lots of friendship and laughter

and then there was this fellow

He's been on many adventures.
And that weekend was no exception...

Let's just say there were some stitchers with 
mischievous talents

but that's another story...

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Christine said...

What a lot of wonderful work!