Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet dreams.....

Saturday, September 15, 2013

What a beautiful fall day. Perfect day for picking some apples

Seems our neighbour has no interest in his apple tree.
We picked a bunch and made apple juice - delicious!

Perfect day for an outing...
to an outdoor model railroad in Burlington.
It was their annual open house.

OK, not my first choice... but it was nice to be outside.

The entire layout was quite large

In fact it covered what used to be an outdoor swimming pool!

Love how they trimmed those shrubs to look like giant trees

Oh no!
It's the giant hand again...
poor Oscar is having nightmares 

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer
(Betchya got that tune in your head now)

So you think you'd be safe at a train show.

And then something caught my eye ...

A giant spider web....

The Black and Yellow Argiope , a common orb web spider.
(because of the shape of its web)
can also be called a writing spider or a corn spider
(and yes I had to look that up - I am not secretly in love with spiders)

Enough to give some nightmares...

Gorgeous web pattern though
and pretty neat how the legs sit together in pairs.

So on the way home, there was a hobby store
we had to stop in (not my choice).

My son found this costume quite neat.
An authentic Samurai Warrior costume
from the 16th century.
It's on consignment at the store.. for only $10,000

Looking at the mask.. 
enough to give you nightmares

The owner of the store told us the story of  how the costume came to the store.
It used to be in someone's house, ...until the mother-in-law came for a visit.
Apparently she got up one night 
and it scared her so much

she peed her pants. 
So he had to get rid of the costume.
Wonder if that was a tough choice...

Imagine that - there's cross stitches in that armour!
tres cool
but a little too pricey for me.

...a train show and hobby store
are not exactly my ideal outings.
Since neither of them had stitchery stuff for me.
But promises of stopping at a certain store on the way back
made the trip worthwhile

Something that I've been dreaming about 
will  now be coming home with me on Tuesday.

Sweet dreams?
Oh yeah!

but that's another story...

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