Sunday, September 1, 2013

apres camping stitch therapy

Saturday August 31, 2013

Time for a wee update into my stitching world. 

My friends recently kidnapped me for a stitching day. 
They knew just the therapy required after  two weeks of camping. 

First stop was Thread & Eye  in London for their stitch-in day.  
It was a wonderful outing and I got a bit of stitching done, 
in between browsing.

On the way home, the driver somehow became obsessed with rumours she heard of a new stitching place... (OK, perhaps with a bit of encouragement)..

It may just have been on the way home... 
and besides, we needed to stop to eat.

Wow - what an unexpected wonderful surprise...  
there was one whole room solely dedicated to fibres.

There was lots of other stitching items, 
and definitely worth the drive to Ingersoll.
(and on my list to go back... for various reasons)

After that day, thoughts of camping with 300 kids seemed but a distant
dream of insanity.

My friends are the best. 

I think they also know how to get me into trouble though... 
but that's another story...

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