Friday, January 4, 2013

Stitchy traditions

Thursday January 3, 2013

My stitching friends are likely wondering .. why have I not yet posted a finish? You see I'm a bit well known for being a fast stitcher.  I had at least 53 finishes last year.

I take you back to Jan 1, 2012 - I started and finished something in 3 days - a cute small stocking kit , complete with a stuffed bear. (I did mention that I have a .. love...ok, slight  addiction to bears). The kit was a gift from my son - so I thought it to be a great start to the year.

So now it's Jan 3. THREE days. No finish yet? Nope. I guess chocolate and tobogganing got in the way or something. OK, can you picture me stitching  and flying down the hill in the zipfy? hmmmm... the ultimate multi-tasking mom, ... able to make those needles fly... uh....But I DID start something - a cute bird kit that James gave me for Christmas - so I think there may be a tradition starting. I hope so at least :) (I'll post photos tomorrow.)

(OK, just to clarify.. I know some think I'm already nuts, and have been know to do zany things, but I did NOT stitch and ride... lest the zipfy  police be hunting me down... I do know my limits.. there might have been a lounge chair at the top of the hill, but it's all hush hush )

Last January I got  together ALL my WIP's and decided to finish them all - which I did and finished about one a month later.

Sigh. You guessed it... I have another new pile of WIP's to finish off now. Yup, another tradition I'm starting.  The WIP's or the finishing of the WIP's?

I also have a box of completed stitched items that need assembling - like the mini stocking. So I think I'll add that to the traditions. (Filling a box or finishing them?) There may be an ornament in there that I wanted to mail to someone two years ago, so I think it's about time. (I'm a bit of a procrastinator.) I was quite inspired at the Guild today. Another lady had assembled the same kit I had stitched. Now I really want to assemble that one too!

This past Christmas I stitched a lot of gifts - something I had intended to do every year before.. and this year I finally did it! I'm hoping to do that again this year - but to start a little earlier. Add that to the traditions.

I also want to put together an album with photos of my finished stitched pieces. After seeing one AMAZING album recently, has inspired me to do the same.

Speaking of this amazing album - I have a chocolate Arkangel. I had a splendid, relaxed visit with her today. We had pizza, yakked and of course stitched. She then sent me packing with two bags of truffles and a box of certain other cute chocolaty delights, which I will be saving as a surprise for someone else later this month. Inspiration hit me when she handed them to me....

....something to do with a birthday, shoes and sticky tac... but that's another story :)

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wilma boer said...

LOL...I stitched, but didn't have a finish today either...