Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happiness is....

Saturday January 5, 2013

So I was pondering today about happiness. The thought occurred to me recently, that lately I have not been listening to the music I really enjoy as much as I used to. Turning up the tunes always give my spirits a lift - especially those that have a good dance beat. 
Dancing in PJ's and savouring chocolate truffles - now who can beat that!

I was thinking about what makes me happy? Well, any time I get to create, I feel like ... 
...well, like the centre of a chocolaty truffle. 
(of course you knew that was coming, lol)

Anywho... I thought I would share with you some of my vast interests when it comes to the creative fields.
My weakness is that I see something new, I want to try it. 
I think having only one creative outlet would just drive me bonkers. 
Some would beg to differ I am already there...

So here goes, a sampling of some of my creativity over the past years...
(in no particular order )

Diaper cakes - have made lots of these for baby showers. So much fun to find things to put on the cake!
I think I'd love to try a motorcycle one next.

I love drawing in pencil - here's one of my favourite sketches
- based on the figurine my husband gave me for a wedding present :)

OK, a bit bizarre - this actually goes back to highschool and was a lithography project.  (printmaking)
.. I'll save this story for another blog

A pencil drawing done when I was in art school.
We had to first sketch and then create a distorted portrait. I think she looks like a pixie.

Another pencil project from art school
- every other strip is my drawn portion and the other strips are the actual photograph.

 OK - if anyone can tell me who the two people are that I drew above - I'd LOVE to know, lol...
 I have no clue who they are....

This is a watercolour piece - had to copy another artist, in order to learn their style
 - so I used one of my  absolute fav  Marjolein Bastin

Easter Eggs - no idea what medium I used

Pottery.. bizarre vase.. I love abstract things though :)

Took a glass class and made some tiles as well as glass blowing paperweights

Wedding decorations for a friend
-pew bows, at the back are two pew hangers,
and the rest went on the tables for the reception

wooden bird of paradise
I have also made wooden frames...

wreath with dried flowers - made quite a few wreaths over the years

Even tried my hand at model building - a kit from hubby, a model enthusiat

Do you remember rug hooking??? yep did that too
- this is a forest, in case you didn't see it for the trees...

LOVE paper - too much so... ehem...
this is a card I made with paper quilled flowers

OK, I can get very creative sometimes
 - this was my hat and shoes for a Scouting weekend - it had a Dr. Seuss theme

I had so much fun creating Henri - a needle felted bunny.
Hope to do more needlefelting soon

A pompadoodle scarf my son just wanted to desperately me to make him a scarf. ( since I had made to many for others). He picked put this fun wool (not really fun to knit with though, lol)..
 but I love the end result - a really fun looking scarf... I think I'll just start wearing it

A bluebid of happiness... LOVE beads.. esp Mill Hill kits....

 I may have a slight bead addiction

These... are cupcakes... done for a Beaver sleepover :)

So,,, there's a brief snippit of my creation and the variety of my interests in the creativity front... of course there's lots of stitchery.. but I think you've already seen lots of that from me.. and more to come.

This year I'm hoping to finally learn how to quilt.. and make a whimsical doll...make some cakepops...and relearn the clarinet and drums...and...and....sigh

Never a dull moment... oh .. now how could I almost forget!
... of course I have made bears - a pin sent to my cousin.

...bears... perhaps I should introduce you to Rusty...
ah, but that's another story

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