Wednesday, January 23, 2013

short cuts

Wednesday January 23, 2013

I chickened out today. Again.

It's all Farrah Fawcett's fault. Yup. I mean didn't you want long luscious locks like that - the hair flip thingy we all tried to copy in Charlie's Angels days...

Sadly, I have straight, thick hair.... oh, and auburn, not blond... did I mention straight? I mean like a ruler... no wave even... not even a curl, ripple or wavelet... oh to have tsunami tresses.... Personally I liked Jaclyn Smith much better.

I went through the phase of curling my hair - the flip thing - with the wee help of gel or hairspray...ok lots of help... a 20 minute walk to school erased any trace of that. That followed by years of perms to get those layers of curls. The secret was just getting past that first perm ....let's just leave that in the past.

So there I was today. On a mission. At my hairdressers. I've been seeing Lily for over 22 years. She's good. I've followed her every time she moved. She knows my hair. I'm sure that Jie the hair God in Toronto who charges $400 couldn't do it better. Not that I can afford to be Jie-afied.

I only cheated on her twice. Once it was at the all-you-can-cut parlour in dire desperation, as she was fully booked for the week. I had already prior to that learned my lesson of not to cut my own bangs. Good thing my hair grows really fast. And Lily is very forgiving.

So what did I opt for? No I didn't go blond.. nor get extensions...and not the Wilma Flintstone mile high beehive... no. I have a roof on my car. Oh did you know that Jean vander Pyl who did Wilma's voice was a redhead? Things you had to know... Anyway, I went short again. I love my short hair - it's so easy to care for. I've had it short since last spring. Oh to leave the house and only have to run your hands through your hair to comb it. So my hairdresser commented that it was an Anne Hathaway cut. Yeah, but I had it first last year... so that makes ME the trend setter. Wonder if she needs a double?

Now I'm left to ponder... why the heck do I still have all those hair clips, elastics and barrettes??? 

Should I leave them in my will or bury them in the backyard to be found as relics eons from now. Decisions, decisions.  Hey! Maybe they could use a door prize at that retreat I'll be attending ;)  ... "Oh, Look Thelma! Used hair accessories!!"

I didn't take a short cut home after getting my new 'do'. I had this feeling in my gut ... it was a beady sort of feeling that only new Mill Hills can satiate. I think I have  Mill Hill 6th sense -  Gitta's  came through with flying colours.

Speaking of Mill Hill... another finish. This is a special one. My husband's background is Irish.. but it's for his father who has had a stroke.

Yes I have red hair and yes I have an Irish last name.. but no, I am not Irish.. but that's another story.

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Nicole M said...

oh the beads...i love the beads !