Monday, January 14, 2013

and the beat goes onnnnn....


The beat goes onnn, the beat goes onnnn....
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brainnnnn
La de da de deeeee, la de da de daaaaa

Do you remember that Sony & Cher tune?  hehehe, bet you can't get it out of your head now...

Well, I tried something new today ... ZUMBA!  I decided it was high time to try this form of exercise - seeing that I love music of all kinds and dancing. How hard can it be? uh huh....I can't believe I lasted the whole hour. The music was great. The moves were a bit harder to follow. I wound up at points just making my own moves up. Fantastic exercise and I'll definitely be going back!

la da dddaaa dee daaa....the moves like toe is still tapping....not that they played that song, but they did play one from one of my all time favourite movies 'Grease'..... oh could you imagine if they combined Zumba with tennis.... I worked up more of a sweat than I do when I'm on the courts... wait, don't tell my coach

Preparations have been slowly underway for the birthday boy's day on Wednesday. A number of issues have been settled:
1. No, you do NOT get the day off school just because it's your birthday.
2. No, we will not be going out for breakfast and lunch and dinner.
3. No, we cannot book a room at Stage West just so you can use the pool with the slide.
4. Yes, I will make those hot dog cookies. (Had to have a yes in there).

James asked me recently what I would do if I was president. I said that I'd first have to move to the US and become a citizen. (Not that I was stalling the obvious question). Then he corrected himself and asked what would I do if I was prime minister. That's a tough question. Perhaps he was hoping I'd say give everyone their birthday off. Oh, could you imagine?

So I've been stitching some more. And another finish of course....
Yes, another Mill Hill kit. Pear Tree Partridge. 

As I was stitching, I was mulling over the idea of perhaps stitching all my Mill Hill kits this year. Then I came back down from Mars. Crazy thoughts... but then again, I do like a challenge. It's better than the wacky idea I had once of stitching every single kit I own ....sometime. If only new kits and patterns didn't get in the way.

So, what we're going to do for James' birthday is not quite finalized... but we've narrowed it down somewhat. He did make up a wish list and near the top, along with Lego, chocolate and DS games, was a trip to the cheese boutique...yes, I kid you not. Cheese and chocolate. Yes he's my son.

Now what's on MY list?.... something to do with dancing ....but that's another story :)


wilma boer said...

Good for you for trying's too fast paced for me, LOL

Cute pardridge!

Bea said...

Love the colours in that partridge. Doing all your Mill Hill bead kits sounds like the perfect challenge for you.

Hope James (and the rest of the family) have a wonderful day on Wednesday.

vicki said...

You are in! I have just loaded your lovely blog in for my Grow Your Blog party - I look forward to your special party post and will be here to read it as soon as I can. I hope you make lots of new friends for your blog!